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KreditBee issues more than 1 Lakh cards within 60 days of launch


Bengaluru | October 18, 2021: KreditBee, one of India’s leading digital lending platforms, today announced that it has issued over 1,00,000 cards. Among the fintech players offering cards, KreditBee has become one of the fastest players in the country to cross the milestone, that is, within 60 days of its launch. It aims to expand the portfolio by issuing over 1 million ‘KreditBee Cards’ by March 2022. 

KreditBee has been instrumental in providing instant and hassle-free ‘KreditBee Card’ to all its customers. Over 75% of these card customers acquired by the company are from metros and Tier-1 cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Thane, among others. Currently, almost 70% of these cardholders are below the age of 30 years.

‘KreditBee Card’ provides the unserved and underserved banking customers, quick and secured access to short-term liquidity with multiple repayment options, eliminating the need to avail a separate loan. The customer can avail credit limit up to ₹ 10,000 that can be repaid within a single billing cycle not extending beyond 45 days.

Customers can make multiple withdrawals or purchases (within the credit limit). It will also assist the new to credit customers, to build their credit score, which can help them to avail financing in future, ushering in a healthy credit culture and financial inclusion at the same time.

Madhusudan Ekambaram, Co-Founder & CEO, KreditBee, said, “We at KreditBee are proud to have achieved this milestone of crossing 1 lakh KreditBee Cards within a short span of less than 60 days. These growing numbers represent the trust and confidence that customers are showing in us and I would also like to thank our partners. We aim to democratize credit in India by issuing more KreditBee Cards, which will function as virtual cards for responsible borrowers, irrespective of their demographic & income group. Towards the same, we intend to issue over 1 million cards to the customers by March 2022.”

Key feature of KreditBee Card:

  • 100% Virtual- A virtual card will be generated on the app and can be used for transactions instantly
  • Safe & Secure– The card is generated on the KreditBee app & is secured with a PIN
  • Fast Access- The underwriting process is AI-driven and generates a card immediately
  • Quick Credit Upgrade- Customers can upgrade their credit limit within a single billing cycle
  • No Hidden Charges- A 100% transparent product with absolutely no irrational fees & charges
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