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Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date And All Updates You Need To Know!! – Crossover 99

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Fans of the famous K-drama Love Alarm will have to wait until 2021 to discover season 2. Indeed, the release was scheduled for August 22, 2020.

This will undoubtedly say that the reason for this impediment is none other than the Covid-19.

Broadcast postponed to 2021 for the 2nd season of the Love Alarm series

What does Netflix say about Love Alarm season 2?

Love Alarm is considered one of the most original and beloved K-dramas on Netflix. According to reports, Netflix did not announce the news in advance. Fans had to wait until the day of the alleged release to find out that it is postponed for next year.

By making this announcement, Netflix further plunges followers into uncertainty since no date has been given. No index is mentioned on the platform or on any other source of information for that matter.

Is Love Alarm the only Netflix series where the release date has been deported?

It would seem so since Lucifer season 5 was not affected by the change. Devil fans will be served on time, unlike fans of the Love Alarm season 2 series.

Other series are still pending, such as Family Business season 2, whose season 3 is still eagerly awaited, Peaky Blinders season 6 or even Suits season 8. Discovered by Netflix subscribers in 2019, the series is also one of the most popular on the platform.

In any case, Internet users will have mouth-watering watching Family Business while thinking of the following season.

For those who haven’t watched the series yet, they won’t be late if they start watching the first season right now. This way, you will discover why this series is considered one of the most beautiful k-dramas of the moment. Indeed, it is about a romantic story as the Koreans know how to play well.

Like fans of the Virgin River season 3 series, those of Love Alarm will have to be patient. The release date is not only pushed back, lovers of the series won’t even be able to benefit from a synopsis, but will be totally in the dark.

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