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Lukewarm response to emerging engineering courses

VIJAYAWADA: Students and parents have preferred conventional engineering courses over emerging technologies. This is an aspect that has clearly emerged from the available trends of engineering seats being allotted in AP during the first phase of seat allotments.

The regular B. Tech CSE is in huge demand. New courses in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, internet of things and cyber security have not found many takers. 94 per cent of CSE seats have been filled. Lack of awareness about the benefits of new courses and no information with regard to available job opportunities are causes for the lukewarm response, observers say.


Of the total 22,672 B. Tech CSE seats, 21,312 seats have already gone in the first phase of allotments itself, which reflects the demand for this course. There are 2,178 seats in computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning. But only 1,346 of them have been filled.

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Of the 1,885 seats in CSE data science, 1,243 have been filled. Likewise, of 1,533 seats in computer science artificial intelligence and data science 980 have been filled. Of 1,099 seats available in CSE artificial intelligence, 773 seats have been filled.

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Similarly, CSE cyber security has 633 seats in which 401 have been filled. CSE internet of things has 497 seats. 331 of them have been filled. B. Tech artificial intelligence and machine learning have 276 seats. Only 181 have been filled. There are 184 seats in B. Tech internet of things (IoT) of which 85 have been filled. 137 seats are available in B. Tech artificial intelligence of which 76 have been filled.


With regard to B. Tech cyber security, 43 seats of total 115 seats have been filled. Only CSE IOT, blockchain technology with cyber security have got a good response, as 253 of total of 275 seats have been already been taken.

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Educational experts feel parents and students are confused over the codes. For example, CSE Cyber Security is shown as CSEC, CSE Data Science as CSED and CSE Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as CSM.

Experts point out that engineering streams are changing. In the coming years, there will be a good demand for AI, data science, ITO, cyber security, machine learning and blockchain technology.

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K. V. K. Rao, secretary, Federation of Self-Financing Technical Institutes, said the main cause is absence of knowledge among students and parents about emerging engineering streams. He said they had written a letter about changing of the codes into an easier form to highlight awareness about modern courses, which are future of the world.

Students S. Tharannum, P. Gayatri and others, who have opted for CSE, said they can study all subjects thoroughly in CSE. They can then opt for specialised courses in their higher semesters during the third year through Choice-Based Credit Systems (CBCS). They said they can take emerging technology courses under CBCS.The students also point out that presently, majority of corporate companies are choosing CSE students compared to students of emerging courses.

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