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Lupin Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Read Here All Updates – Crossover 99

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Lupin is now in first place among the most viewed shows on the Californian platform. It is therefore normal that, once the vision of what is the first part of the series has finished, many are wondering: “When will the second part of the series, Lupin 2, be released?”

Warning! Possible spoilers on Netlfix’s Lupin series follow!

A question that arises spontaneously also due to the ending of the first part of the series, which leaves the entire story unresolved and the hateful Pellegrini ( Hervé Pierre ) free foot.

In fact, after the end of the last episode, we discover that the son of Assane Diop (Omar Sy), has been kidnapped by the henchman of the tycoon and villain of the series, while the same Assane finds himself face to face with the only policeman who seems having sensed that the inspiration of each shot is the character of the gentleman thief created by Maurice Leblanc in 1905. A few seconds later, at the end of the first part, Netflix showing a message confirming the arrival of the second part of Lupin.

Yes, but when?

When Will Lupin 2 Be Released?

Let’s face it right away, a real release date of the second part of Lupin still isn’t there. But we already know something and this allows us to predict the arrival of new episodes on Netflix.

The second part of Lupin has already been shot and, given the great success that the show seems to be achieved, it is likely that Netflix will follow a similar roadmap to what has been seen with series like The House of Paper.

The most probable hypothesis is therefore that Lupin 2 will arrive in the Netflix catalog next summer, with the possibility that, if the fans of the series are many, the company decides to anticipate the debut of the second part, perhaps already at the end of spring. . On the other hand, even the last season of Cobra Kai was unexpectedly anticipated by Netflix, so anything is possible.

Of course, we will keep you updated as soon as Netflix officially announces the release date of Lupin 2.

What Will Be The Plot Of The Second Part?

The writers and authors of Lupin have not unbuttoned what the plot of the second part of the series will be but, even here, the season finale could suggest what the evolution of the new episodes will be.

Assane will most likely have to take on his responsibilities after the audience finds out about his infidelity towards Claire. The kidnapping of his son Raoul will certainly not simplify the thief’s desire to ” put his head right “.

A promise made to his partner in the last episode that will in all likelihood be broken once again, with the heist taken in the Louvre to redeem her father’s name that still needs a lot of effort.

Will he try the path of a good family man? Will he track down his son and, once the family is reunited, abandon the old gentleman thief path? We doubt it. Also because, otherwise, it would not be called Lupin, and a third season, or rather, the third part, already seems to be around the corner.

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