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Made in India: Punjab man creates a bicycle out of wood, making system for eco-friendly well being

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The lockdown and safety precautions compelled us all to salvage confined to the comfort of our homes.

While some missed going to gyms and parks, for a mode of members, the lockdown became a excellent time to hone their well being skills.
Google searches comprise published that the queries for cycling and residence workout routines garnered a mode of internet page visitors as well.

Biking indeed is a excellent sport to tone your physique and bring energy. From boosting your heart price, promoting weight loss, building endurance and correcting posture, there are a mode of advantages within the occasion you start as a lot as cycle on a conventional foundation.
A 40-year-oldschool chippie from Zirakpur, Punjab, who goes by the title, Dhani Ram Saggu too wanted a cycle of his comprise, since childhood. Financial issues made it no longer easy for him to obtain a bicycle for himself. On the different hand, within the lockdown, Saggu made up our minds to purchase matters into his comprise fingers and made a cycle for himself. That too, an eco-friendly model produced from wood!
Will not be any longer that something though-provoking? A accurate instance of self-made Bharat!
The photos of the cycle, which quickly began to building on the on-line is ample to intention you might maybe well presumably also very well be seeking to purchase the cycle for a flow!
Saggu’s passion has now gotten him so many rave opinions now, he’s basically receiving orders from Canada and South Africa!
In an interview given to a media newsletter recently, Saggu talked about that he had misplaced his livelihood within the lockdown. Certain no longer to lose hope, salvage match and learn something original, he made up our minds to intention a bicycle for himself:
“With building save in a paunchy cease, and without a system of livelihood, I needed to abet myself occupied, learn original skills, and manufacture something assorted. But, my creativity became constrained to the uncooked offers on hand at residence – plywood, tools, and oldschool cycles.”
Now not easiest does the wood cycle intention expend of absolute best out of waste (repurposing tyres and suggestions from discarded bicycles), a particular person can conveniently shuttle as a lot as 24-26 kilometres at a stretch!
The novel belief furthermore made him
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