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Mickey Guyton Opens Up About Her Experience Being A Black Country Singer

Mickey Guyton Opens Up About Her Experience Being A Black Country Singer

During an interview for E! News, Mickey Guyton opened up about her personal experience as a Black country singer! The star also explained why inclusion is so important, especially in her industry, and more!

Mickey Guyton stressed that she is definitely well aware of how Black people are treated by other artists, execs as well as listeners.

With that being said, she apparently feels like it is her duty to pave the way for all the Black young ones out there who would love to become country singers when they grow up.

‘There’s so many people: women, Black women, indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQIA+, that have a unique story that is important to be heard and when you are not giving people that platform, that’s just flat out wrong in my personal opinion. That is why representation matters, because there is a little 7 year old girl out there who looks like me that has these dreams and when she does not see herself, she does not get to pursue that and she does not get to live a life that could’ve been destined for her,’ the singer-songwriter explained.

Of course, even as an established artist in the country music scene, Mickey has dealt with a lot of racism and microaggressions.

‘I’ve opened up for major artists on major tours where I was singing in front of the Confederate flag. And I have been called the N-word after a show, as I was signing autographs in a line full of people, and nobody stood up for me. I was there by myself and dealing with that.’

And that is not all! Mickey shared that executives have insisted her style be even more ‘country’ despite the fact that other country crooners have been blending in some R&B and trap into their songs lately.

Meanwhile, because of the color of her skin, Mickey is apparently always being held at a different standard for fear of being perceived as ‘disingenuous.’

‘There are so many times I would send a song to my label and they’d tell me, ‘You have to make sure your song sounds really country because people are going to think you are disingenuous,’ she told the news outlet.


This, however, has not discouraged her, and instead, it’s pushed her to want to fight ever harder so that other Black women won’t have to go through that as well.

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