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Migos Are Getting To Work On Their Latest Album Culture 3


Migos are in the middle of making a new record and fans couldn’t be any more stoked about it. Hot New Hip Hop says it’s been a few years since the band released a new record, so people are eagerly waiting for them to drop “Culture 3,” the finale of their three-part series.

According to Hot New Hip Hop –  who picked up on one of their trailers – Migos, Quavo, and Takeoff got together to work on new tracks in a studio compound, which is quite a bit different from how they have worked on their material in the past.

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Takeoff can be heard saying in the clip that when a person is locked inside, they can come up with “a lot of stuff” to write songs about. However, when you’re not on the road, taking in the energy of one’s environment, the vibe is very different.

For the most part, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted a lot of rappers, for example, many of them can’t put on shows like the way they used to. With that said, Migos didn’t let the pandemic stop them from enjoying the Super Bowl this past weekend.

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In case you missed it, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers faced off against the Kansas City Chiefs, and they won by a big margin for a Super Bowl match. As for Migos, however, they’ve been busy showing off their studio progress with a social media post that you can see above.

Quavo, for example, wrote on his Twitter account that it was great to get outside to see the Super Bowl again. He finished off his post with the comment, “Welp, back to the studio Culture 3.”

According to Hot New Hip Hop, a lot of people have speculated that Migos are actually in the final stages of recording “Culture 3,” although, it looks like there must be more work to do on the project before the band can come out with it.

Quavo has been in a relationship with the “Back to the Streets” rapper, Saweetie, whereas Offset has been with Cardi B for the last couple of years. Takeoff’s romances are in the headlines a whole lot less.


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