Mike Pence’s homeland advisor was asked to ‘spy’ on Dr. Birx: ‘I was to watch her’

Mike Pence’s homeland advisor was asked to ‘spy’ on Dr. Birx: ‘I was to watch her’

On Monday, Mike Pence’s homeland security advisor and lead staffer on the White House coronavirus task force, Olivia Troye, appeared on All In With Chris Hayes. Troye revealed that she was asked to spy on Dr. Deborah Birx, who was the coronavirus task force coordinator.

“I’m the person that was brought into a room at some point when she first started,” said Troye. “She was coming into a no-win situation and even more so than I think she even realized. And I was told that I was to watch her. That she was not to be trusted because she was a Matt Pottinger hire.”

Troye did not appreciate being asked to keep tabs on her colleague. She felt that the focus should be on stopping the pandemic, not taking part in political subterfuge.

“So here I am as a homeland adviser,” recalled Troye. “And [the White House] is asking me to spy on this woman that I’m sharing an office with when the pandemic is about to be out of control.”

Dr. Birx appeared on Face the Nation in a rare interview, Sunday, where she claimed President Trump publicized charts and graphs that she and her team did not create. And on Monday, Troye corroborated her story.

“I remember that day because Dr. Birx was really angry and she actually confronted me and said, ‘Do you know who created those graphs? Did you work on that?’ I said, ‘Well, you know that there has been an effort to manipulate the data, to downplay this virus.”

Even though Dr. Birx was forced to work in a “no-win situation,” Troye was glad she finally had an opportunity to share her side of the story.

“I’m glad to see her finally be somewhat free in coming forward and speaking candidly. Do I wish she was honest? I would have hoped she would have been more blunt that the interview and not really her style. She doesn’t talk to the media. That’s just not who she is.”

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