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Mouli Ganguly Talks About Her Character – Mahasati Anusuya In ‘Baal Shiv’

Mahasati Anusuya in Baal Shiv

Renowned actor Mouli Ganguly will be seen portraying the pivotal character of Mahasati Anusuya in &TV‘s mythological show, Baal Shiv.

Mouli talks about her character, her excitement of being in the show, and many more in a candid conversation.

You will be seen as Mahasati Anusuya in & TV’s Baal Shiv, tell us about your character?

I am essaying the role of Mahasati Anusuya in Baal Shiv. Anusuya is the perfect balance of compassion and determination. She is married to a very knowledgeable sage Rishi Atri, and they both admire, love and have huge respect for each other. She heads the Vedic Gurukul, where all the Gods and Dev putras study and live together. She takes care of Gurukul and its children as her own, imparts the best of knowledge, and cultivates discipline in them. Her unwavering faith and devotion to her husband have helped her earn the title of Mahasati.

How did you bag this role?

Being a part of &TV’s Baal Shiv is a momentous occasion for me. This team is one of my favourites who made a successful show on Lord Shiva before. It is one of its kind show with a captivating storyline.

When I was offered the role of Mahasati Anusuya, I accepted it instantly because it’s an extremely well-sketched role for an actor and most importantly I love Shiva so yes there was an emotional soulful and spiritual connection. I have a lot of faith in this show and really hope this show does well. Also, the character of Anusuya is very prominent and strong, and deep inside, as an artist it’s a opportunity to get to play well defined roles like this.h

I have essayed varied characters throughout my career, but this one surely stands out. This role is a reward and a big responsibility, and I am eagerly looking forward to it.

Any special preparations you are undergoing to get into the character?

We have a research team on board to help us understand and absorb various character nuisances more clearly and deeply. We have a fantastic creative team and director. Besides, we also have had a series of workshops to prep us in every possible way. The expressions, body language, proper diction, dialogue delivery, voice modulation, look test, costume trials, and more.

Baal Shiv is my second mythological show, and mythology is very different from other genres. A lot of research and preparations go into bringing every character to life. No doubt, it is an enriching experience playing such an intense and pious character.

Mythology portrays very strong women characters. What is your take on it?

In Indian mythology, the role of women is quite significant. There are so many stories of them personifying strong characters and playing various roles of a mentor, incomparable guardian and best friend for their children. I am lucky to play one such character on screen. As Mahasati Anusuya, I will get an opportunity to guide and impart the best knowledge to my son Baal Shiv. Besides this, the character offers me a fantastic chance to explore and highlight the different dimensions of Anusuya’s personality. She is a loyal and devoted wife to Rishi Atri, a guiding force to Baal Shiv and her other students at Gurukul.

What are your expectations from the show?

The role of Mahasati Anusuya is rewarding as well as a big responsibility. The shooting is going on quite well. We have been shooting back-to-back to ensure the bank of episodes is ready. There is excitement, and everyone is eagerly waiting for the show to go on air. As for our viewers, there is much intrigue and interest around ‘Baal Shiv‘, as I said before.

So, I am confident that they are equally excited and looking forward to it. I am sure the concept will resonate with our viewers, and they will appreciate our work. We do hope to receive a good response.

You were not seen on television for some time. What did you do during this gap?

Lockdown happened and our priorities changed. I did a web show in the meantime. I would love to do more pivotal meaty roles in OTT platforms and content that I love to watch as an audience. The roles which challenge and ignite the artist in me.

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