Home EntertainmentTV Naagin 5, 16 January 2021, written updates: Veer aka Sharad Malhotra imagines Bani aka Surbhi Chandna everywhere around him | Bollywood Life

Naagin 5, 16 January 2021, written updates: Veer aka Sharad Malhotra imagines Bani aka Surbhi Chandna everywhere around him | Bollywood Life

Naagin 5, 16 January 2021, written updates: Veer aka Sharad Malhotra imagines Bani aka Surbhi Chandna everywhere around him | Bollywood Life

Naagin 5, 16 January 2021, written updates of full episode:

Tonight’s episode of Naagin 5 begins with Bani consoling Meera and Tapish that Veeranshu is not to be blamed as she was given a new life to kill the kites, cheel. Bani says it is all her fault and that she’ll be punished for her fault. When Meera asks her who is trying to harm her, Bani grows silent. She says she will have to find her own way. Tapish suggests Bani stay away from Veer given the situation. They assure her that they’ll come out of this peril soon. The next day, Veer returns from his morning walk and he calls his cousins. He declares that they’ll go to their farmhouse in Karjat where they’ll party. Veer starts coughing and Bani rushes to help him. Veer pushes her away and lashes out at her. Bani feels hurt when he asks her to leave. Farsihta appears behind her when she reaches the kitchen. Farishta reminds her about her purpose in life. Bani tries explaining to him that Veer is not at fault but Farishta taunts her. Also Read – Hina Khan did a full-fledged photoshoot at Sula Vineyards, and it’s breathtaking

Jai sends a parcel for Veer but Bani mistakes it to be from Farishta. Bani stops him from opening the parcel and he questions her about her interfering behaviour. Bani requests Meera and Tapish to stop Veer from opening the parcel but the latter does not listen. A cloud of smoke blasts from the parcel and Bani worries for Veer. The latter belittles Bani who feels hurt. He calls her stalker and says that he does not like her. He adds that she irritates her. Veer finds an envelope, the parcel is from an anonymous person who congratulates Singhania’s for a new bar. Veer apologises to Bani but calls her a naukrani, hurting her even more. Balwant stops Bani from leaving and she warns him that she knows everything about their illegal and dark world. Balwant reveals his plan to kill her and says that he has had a change of heart. He says he wants his son to be safe and that only Bani can keep him safe. He begs her to not leave Veer alone. Bani assures him that she will never leave Veer. Also Read – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Naagin 5, Bigg Boss 14 – here are the TV newsmakers of the week

Later, Baani finds a rudraksha mala outside the house. She understands that it would be of panditayin but is unaware of the fact that panditayin’s is no more. She calls but her phone is answered by saphera. He understands that Panditayin is in danger. Veer and his cousins Ponky and Daksh leave for the party where Jai is already waiting for them. Bani reaches home to find it abandoned. She switches on the light to see a blood trail and starts worrying about Veeranshu. Bani follows tha trail only to bump into Farishta aka Arjit Taneja. She takes a snake form and searches for the whereabouts of Veer. She finds Pawan. Farishta joins Bani. She tries hard to make Farishta understand but the latter reminds her that she should not stop punishing those who have been doing wrong. Pawan is brutally hurt but still berates Bani. Farishta hurts him when Pawan poses for a challenge. Pawan warns Bani that Balwant will kill her in the end. Upon listening to Pawan’s confession, Bani takes her serpentine form and kills him. Also Read – Hina Khan on comparison between TV actor and Film actor: Now I am given equal importance like other Bollywood celebs

Farishta tells Bani that he’ll kill Veeranshu on her behalf. Bani panics and goes in search of him. Bani is quick to find him. Veer is about to kill Bani but his brothers ask him to pull the break, in time. Veer scolds Bani. The latter presents him with the clothes he had asked for and Beer tells her that he asked for clothes because he wanted her to stay away. Veer makes Bani wear the clothes she bought for him. Bani requests Veer to not go away from home. Veer tells her that she is a nobody to him and hence should not interfere in his life. Veer pulls her aside from the car’s front. He feels mystified when he sees Bani agreeing to everything he tells her. He drives away while looking at her standing stupefied. Bani’s tears fall on his hand as he drives past her. Veer keeps looking at Bani in the side view mirror.

Bani decides to follow Veer aka Sharad Malhotra but cannot. She wonders what is happening to her and Veer. We see Jai flirting with Monica, a woman who he has brought to lure Veer. Bani feels helpless. Farishta heads to the pub to kill Veer and Bani asks Lord Shiva’s help to save Veer. Monica introduces herself to Veer but he sees Bani’s face in her. They have drinks. Veer recalls Bani crying when he left her on the roadside. Veer asks Monica to dance and Bani reaches the pub. She is shocked to see Veer flirting and dancing with Monica. Veer imagines Bani with him. Monica makes him drink and Veer gets tipsy and imagines Bani everywhere around him. Elsewhere, Bani is shocked upon seeing Veer getting high and partying with his cousins. Jai aka Mohit Sehgal is enjoying as Bani is upset. Veer gets worried as he sees Bani in everyone. Monica asks Ponky and Daksh that Jai is waiting for them. Jai gives them a potion to mix in Veer’s drink to make him unconscious. He tells them that Monica would take care of the rest. Jai plans to click some videos and pictures of Veer taking advantage of a woman. He is shocked to see Bani aka Surbhi Chandna in the pub and hides behind Daksh and Ponky.

Jai questions Daksh and Ponky about Bani. The latter throws Monica away from Veer. She tells her that Veer belongs to her. Bani dances with Veer. The latter questions her. She says that she is just trying to prove him right, that she is a stalker. Veer tells her that she does not like her. Bani asks him why is he holding her close. Veer says that he is imagining her everywhere and does not know why. Bani says that they are meant to be together but Veer pushes her away. With that, the episode ends.

Precap: Farishta to kill Veer?

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