Naagin 5, 30 January 2021 written update: Jay assumes the form of Rani and traps Veer in a deadly manner | Bollywood Life

Naagin 5, 30 January 2021 written update: Jay assumes the form of Rani and traps Veer in a deadly manner | Bollywood Life

Naagin 5 starts with Jay (Mohit Sehgal) making a plan to kill the baby. Bani (Surbhi Chandna) and Veer (Sharad Malhotra) are going somewhere in a car. He is taking her at some spot. He tells Bani that she has no option other than coming with him. Jay takes the shape of a snake and follows Bani. She is very upset with Veer as she wants to take him to safety. Bani hugs him tightly. They reach the farmhouse. Once they reach, his brothers talk about how Jay’s plan flopped. They tell Veer to call Rani. Bani goes inside. She sees Tapish and asks him about the Bel tree. She says the tree is risky for Naagins but they will need it today. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14, Naagin 5, The Kapil Sharma Show – here are the TV Newsmakers of the week

Bani waits at the doorstep. She tells Veer that she is waiting for delivery of food. She senses that something is wrong. Bani prays to Mahakaal. She gathers her powers and torches down the Bel tree. A ray of blue light is released from the tree. It engulfs the house. Jay comes there and wonders why all the Singhania’s are at the farmhouse. Jay reaches the leaves of the Bel tree are magical. She tells Tapish that she needs to save him and Meera di. Also Read – TRP Report week 03: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai maintains its position while Kumkum Bhagya is back in the top five

Meera comes there and tells Bani to look like Rani. She says I have not seen Rani so far. Finally, Rani reaches there. Veer and his brothers are drinking. Tapish hands over water in a vodka bottle for her. Bani/Rani flirts with Veer. He says women are crazy about Veeranshu Singhania. She tells him that there are too many people in the farmhouse. She says I want to be alone with you. Also Read – Hina Khan and her charcoal coloured separates are supremely stunning — view pics

He says let us go out for a walk. Rani says I am hungry. Meera goes to Bani/Rani while Tapish does his best to distract Veer. Rani again gets into Bani form and asks Veer if he is hungry. Veer comes close to her and asks why is she wearing so much makeup. Bani gets puzzled. She says I am looking like a stalker. She says why are you bothered about my makeup. Bani hurries out to get food. Meera tells Veer that Bani has gone to buy lipstick for her.

Veer’s brothers are drinking away. He says he is missing his date. Bani returns in the avatar of Rani looking sexy in black. Veer takes her in his arms. Jay’s snake army reach there. Jay tells them that we are Icchadhari Naags but this is not the time to do anything. He says our Aadi Naagin is trapped in a house that is covered with Bel Patra. He says it is a very risky endeavour. They agree to take the risk. The army of snakes reach the farmhouse.

Jay says these snakes will die because of the Bel Patra. They die as they come in contact with the leaves. Jay thinks how to get inside. Rani/Bani have an eyelock. He says you are amazing. He says I have never seen two people whose faces look as identical. Rani asks if she is as hot as the other one. Veer says she is very innocent. Rani asks him if he is two-timing. She says as a girl I must defend her. Veer goes out to get Bani to meet Rani.

Rani tells Meera di that she is upset about how flirtatious Veer is. Jay enters inside. Bani is in the kitchen. Veer asks Bani to come with him to the party. She says I have a lot of work here. She makes excuses. She says the utensils need to be cleaned for serving food. Veer takes out chilli powder from a jar. He puts chilli powder on the vessels. He says this is because of your overacting. Veer smells the perfume and says it is same as Rani’s scent. Some water from the basin spills on her face. Veer wipes it off with his fingers. They gaze into each other. He asks Bani how come she is wearing same perfume. Bani says I used some from her bag.

Bani says I saw her clothes, she is a modern girl. Veer takes her to the party. Rani is missing from there. Meera says she has gone to sleep. Veer says today I will bring Rani and Bani face-to-face. Tapish says let her sleep. Bani says she is sleeping and let her rest. Jay enters the house. Veer knocks at the door. Bani tells him that she is sleeping. He opens the bedroom door and barges inside. Tapish tells Veer that is not good manners to wake her up. Veer does not agree. He pulls the blankets and finds her missing.

Veer tells Bani that she has been Rani Tarneja right from day one. He says I know it is you. Tapish tells Veer that Rani has left. Veer says Bani is the mastermind. He says Rani Tarneja is non-existent. The door opens and Rani Tarneja is waiting outside. Bani gets a shock seeing him. Veer says I saw pillows in the bed. Rani checks out Bani and calls her ‘Sasta Version’. Bani thinks who is it? Rani decides to take Veer on a long drive.

Bani chases them as she senses danger. She takes her snake form and goes behind. Bani cannot spot Veer. She is distraught. Bani tells her baby that she will find Veer. Rani/Jay stops the car near a mansion. He gets down. Jay/Rani tells Veer that she has come here for privacy.

Jay/Rani puts Veer inside a dungeon in the old mansion. She changes form to Rani. She says I have trapped you. Veer takes form a cheel but is not able to escape that place. He is injured. Jay laughs in menacing manner. He says I need to conquer Bani now.

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