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New electricity rule: Users to get compensation for powercut; check details


The government’s 2020 mission to light up every single house has brought a major relief for the consumers. According to the new rules, consumers in India will now have the right to access and uninterrupted power supply. As well as compensation from the electricity distribution companies as per the center’s notified (Right of Consumer) Rules, 2020.

The said regulations provide new electricity connections, renewal of old connections, electricity meter management, and bill payment. This is for the first time that consumers are getting electricity right.

New electricity connection an easy task now.

The new regulation has come forward with more transparency discoms will have to provide a new connection to the consumer within 15days in a small town and 30 days in rural areas.

Meter is mandatory

The newly introduced rules provide that no connection shall be given without an electricity meter and it shall be a smart prepayment meter. There will be provision for testing of the meters as well as replacement of stolen or defective ones.

Transparency in applicable consumer bills and tariffs.

The new rules provide the consumer with the option to pay bills online or offline. Besides provision for advance payement of the bill is intact.

24/7 power supply

The rules say 24/7 electricity supply to all the consumers, to ensure the reliability of the power supply. However, the power regulator may provide lower hours of supply for some categories of the consumer like agriculture.

The compensation amount will be paid to the consumer by the distributors

If distributours fail to the standard of performance, automatic compensation shall be paid to the consumer.

Conditions of compensation

Electricity distributors are subjected to compensation if found violating the standard performance, as per the new rule which says compensation starting from Rs 6000 per day up to one lakh per day shall be given in set conditions.

If electricity distributors fail to supply power after a fixed time.

Any hindrance in power supply for more than one time.

If discom take more than usual time in providing new connection, old connection removal, or shifting of connection.

Time is taken in resolving bill payment issues, meter related problem, and voltage issue will be checked and recorded.

Above mentioned are the conditions, falling to which discom will be subjected to hefty compensation.

Resolving the issues in a fixed period.

A maximum timeline of 45 days is specified for grievance redressal according to the new rules.


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