New Shirou character (OB26 Advance Server) in Free Fire: All you need to know

The Shirou character (Image via FREE FIRE GAMER

Free Fire is a famous battle royale game developed and published by Garena. The developers of the title incorporate several new aspects like characters and pets with special abilities/skills, which aid users on the battlefield.

Over the years, characters have become a crucial part of the game. At present, Free Fire offers 35 characters, each of which, except ‘Primis’ and ‘Nulla,’ boasts a unique ability. New characters are added with the regular updates.  

To test all the new features, the developers introduce an Advance Server. The latest iteration, i.e., Free Fire OB26 Advance Server, has several new aspects, including the Shirou character.

This article looks at all that the players need to know about this addition.

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Shirou (OB26 Advance server) in Free Fire: All details

The in-game description of Shirou states:

“Shirou is the fastest delivery guy around.”

The character boasts a passive ability named ‘Damage Delivered.’ At level 1, when the user is hit by a foe within a 50m radius, he is marked for 3 seconds (only visible to the user). The first shot on the marked enemy has a 10% additional armor penetration and a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Shirou character in Advance Server (Image via Desi Gamers / YouTube)
Shirou character in Advance Server (Image via Desi Gamers / YouTube)

At the max level (level 8), if an enemy shoots the player within 100m, he is marked for eight seconds. The first shot on the marked opponent has a 100% additional armor penetration, and the cooldown duration is reduced to 10 seconds.

Max level of the ability
Max level of the ability

Like all other characters, Shirou has an in-game set called the “Hurricane Delivery Set.”

Apart from the Shirou character, players can also find different features like the Gloo Wall training mode, the MAG 7, and a Mystery Character in the Free Fire OB26 Advance Server.

They can click here to read more about all the features present in it.

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Published 30 Jan 2021, 12:20 IST

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