Ninja Theory is done updating multiplayer brawler ‘Bleeding Edge’

Ninja Theory is done updating multiplayer brawler 'Bleeding Edge'

Ninja Theory is no longer developing Bleeding Edge, a 4 vs. 4 brawler that arrived on PC and Xbox One less than a year ago. The game will remain playable on both platforms, but there won’t be any more content updates. 

Although Bleeding Edge had a solid concept and a nice-looking art style, it never found enough of a fanbase, as Polygon points out. The game had just 480 concurrent players on average on Steam during its March 2020 launch month, according to SteamCharts. The Steam player count has dwindled to an average of just 4.1 over the last 30 days. So, while Bleeding Edge is still live, you might not even find enough people with whom to play a full match.

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