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No Surrender Results – Did Fire ‘N Flava Keep Their Tag Team Belts?

No Surrender Results - Did Fire 'N Flava Keep Their Tag Team Belts?

Howdy, folks. The Chadster isn’t going to dignify El Presidente’s rude and uncalled-for insults and accusations about The Chadster’s marriage. The Chadster’s beautiful wife Keighleyanne is totally happy but The Chadster doesn’t have to prove that to anyone anyway. The Chadster is here to cover Impact No Surrender, and that’s what The Chadster is going to do. So The Chadster will say no more about it.

The Chadster takes a lot of things extremely seriously in life, but nothing moreso than The Chadster’s sacred duty to comply with the rules at all times. So, unlike The Chadster’s reprehensible colleagues, The Chadster has absolutely no problem inserting this SEO keyword-rich text about No Surrender into this article. You’re welcome.

Emanating from Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, No Surrender is the second Impact Plus special of 2021 and features a lineup headlined by an Impact Championship match between champion Rich Swann and Tommy Dreamer. In a crossover with AEW, Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers take on AEW stars Private Party and the team of Chris Sabin and James Storm. TJP faces Rohit Raju for the X-Division Championship. Hernandez and Brian Myers team up to take on Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona. Daivari, Suicide, Willie Mack, Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Chris Bey, Josh Alexander, and Blake Christian compete in a Triple Threat Revolver match. Fire N Flava defend the Knockouts Tag Team Championships against Havok and Nevaeh. (The Former Cody) Deaner faces his cousin Jake Something. Deonna Purrazzo, Kimber Lee, and Susan team up against Jordynne Grace, Jazz, and ODB. And Tenille Dashwood joins XXXL to take on Decay.

Impact No Surrender Match Graphic for Fire N’ Flava vs. Havok and Nevah for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships

Impact No Surrender Results Part 5

It’s time for the Knockouts tag team championship match. This should be good.

Havok and Nevaeh vs. Fire N Flava – Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match

These two teams have been feuding for a lot of months, since long before the Knockouts tag team titles were brought back. And The Chadster just wants to take a moment here to say that there’s absolutely no evidence that The Chadster’s wife Keighleyanne is out with Gary tonight. First of all, how likely would that be? It’s Valentine’s Day weekend? What loyal wife would cheat on her husband on Valentine’s Day weekend? Especially if her husband is a guy as handsome as The Chadster? Yeah. The Chadster doesn’t think so. There’s probably lots of good reasons why Keighleyanne would be out tonight and The Chadster wouldn’t know where she is. And you know what? That Chadster could totally think of them, but he doesn’t have anything to prove to any of you. Tasha Steelz gets the pin on Nevaeah after Havok takes herself out by charging headfirst into a steel chair.

Winners: Fire N Flava
The Chadster’s Rating: ***

Nevaeh seems upset with Havok after the match. When Havok tries to check on her, Nevaeh leaves her alone in the ring.That was a good match, even though The Chadster was so distracted by my colleagues’ rude behavior he could barely pay attention. The Chadster is going to pass this along to Jude Terror for the next match, but rest assured The Chadster will be filing an official complaint with Bleeding Cool management after No Surrender tonight.

Keep checking back throughout the night for more Impact Wrestling No Surrender coverage, and thanks for reading Bleeding Cool.

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