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Not just the Baba, but his aide is also garnering appreciation in MX Player’s Aashram

Not just the Baba, but his aide is also garnering appreciation in MX Player's Aashram

In the ashram, the curtain has risen from the evil intention of Baba Nirala, but if Bhopa talks about Swami’s diplomacy, then without saying too much, Bhopa’s stigma is going up and speaking to the audience.  Everyone is pleased with this

Yes, the deeds of hypocritical Kashipurwale Baba Nirala have struck many people, but the selfish Bhopa Swami will surely surprise you.  His methods that pacified the protesters, his calm posture when making major decisions related to life and death in most cases and his tireless dedication to the ashram as a man believed to be the right-hand man of Babi Nirala, a hypocritical Kashipurwala.  All are praising the role of Vali.

We tried to bring out the story of the man who played the role of Nishtur Bhopa in the crime drama – Ashram, which is very much liked for our readers and he says as follows:

Asked how he prepared for the role, Chandan said, “About a year and a half ago, I was approached by Prakash Jha Productions for this role and I was told that I was a cruel baba, whose role was Bobby Deol.  Doing, will have to play the character of a fellow considered right-handed.  Under what I was told I was involved in raising hair, working on my pronunciation with a provincial language teacher, Sunitaji, in some sessions of script reading, and I agreed to play the role of Bhopa – the cool-minded one.  Is a skilled, vicious and cruel pawn, that too for a baba who is equally ruthless.  “

Chandan added that the only other briefing given by director Prakash Jha was that he should not do anything more than necessary and he also likes to play the role in the same way.  He elaborated, saying, “Villains usually come across as larger-than-life characters waving their guns and abusing them.”  I wanted to bring modesty to the character of Bhopa Swamy – he is so powerful that he doesn’t have to be dramatic about himself. “

The character’s sensitivity and controversial subject also attracted Chandan, who said, “I am playing the role of a cheater in this MX original series and the role was such that if I had played it in a wrong way, I would be very angry with the audience  Have to face it because it is about their faith and spiritual beliefs. “

Regarding the corrupt practices shown in this 9-part crime drama, Chandan said, “It is important to have a show that reminds people to have faith but not to be blind to exploitative behaviour.  Such people are hunting down the faith of those outright people and it is important to understand the difference between real spiritual gurus and criminals who are deceiving people under the guise of spirituality.  “

Chandan is very happy with the continuous praise and is congratulating the entire team for the tremendous success of ‘Ashram Doon Charan – Deepening Rahasya’.  ‘Ashram 2nd Chapter – Deepening Secrets’ can be freely streamed on MX Player for free.

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