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One Piece Chapter 1001: Delayed Release Date – Crossover 99

Crossover 99

One Piece Chapter 1000 spoilers were released very early compared to the official release date. After launch, the most obvious question would be: What will happen in One Piece Chapter 1001?

Translators from around the world managed to translate One Piece 1000 spoilers early compared to the official release date.

One Piece Chapter 1000 Summary

Chapter 1000 has yet to be officially released, but the chapter was published in parts according to the translators.

After Kaido takes on the Red Pods, the next thing fans would like to see is Kaido vs. The Worst Generation. But the twist is that Big Mom joins Kaido’s team. In Chapter 1000, Luffy receives help from the Inuarashi Squad and manages to reach the top floor of Onigashima. Luffy got stuck on the fifth floor, but the Inuarashi squad helps him get to the top floor.

On the other hand, Marco confronts both King and Queen so that Zoro can reach the top of Onigashimi without further problems. In addition to this, the other members of the worst generation: Kid, Killer, and Law, manage to reach the roof. At the top, they see Kaido and Big Mom. They are both waiting for them to reach the top.

So from this point on, this is the battle between Big Mom and Kaido against The Worst Generation. Kaido and Big Mom are very attentive to the group, the worst generation because Luffy is with them.

This is when Kaido calls for Luffy, which makes Luffy quite angry. Luffy responds with an attack: “Red Hawk Attack” and shouts that whatever happens, he will be the King of the Pirates.

Luffy hit Kaido with his Gear 3. Kaido didn’t resist and took the hit. It was then that Big Mom felt a little disappointed in Kaido because he didn’t resist, not even for a moment. The chapter ended.

Also, Yamato remembers his memories with Ace. This when she tells him more about Ace than she used to tell her brother, Luffy. Whenever Luffy talks about becoming the Pirate King, both Ace and Sabo laugh, but deep down they knew that Luffy would one day become the Pirate King.

One Piece 1001 manga release date

According to our sources, we received an update that One Piece Chapter 1001 is overdue. So based on the information we got from our sources, One Piece Chapter 1001 will be released on January 17, 2020. Our sources predicted this date after putting the fact that One Piece Manga Chapter 1001 would be on hiatus from one week.

Where to read chapter 1001 of One Piece?

One Piece Chapter 1001 is available for free on Viz Media and Mangaplus. Every week a new chapter comes out.

What is One Piece Manga about?

Eiichiro Oda is the mastermind behind the entire One Piece franchise. He began the manga in 1997 and has completed 97 volumes in total. Shueisha and Viz Media are currently publishing the manga. The One Piece anime series is also equally popular and has broken several records. Chapter 1000 will release One Piece this week, paving the way for its One Piece Chapter 1001. This great achievement is well deserved by the One Piece franchise.

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