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Ordering furniture online? Here are some tips that you might consider before making the final call

Ordering furniture online? Here are some tips that you might consider before making the final call

With the ongoing pandemic, online shopping has resurfaced and taken an impact on people who are stuck indoors. Online purchasing has become inducive as it is time-efficient and safe. Here are a few tips shared by Mr Mahesh M, CEO of Creaticity to help you buy furniture online.

For ages, we have believed and, in fact, followed an offline approach when it comes to buying furniture. That is followed by touching, experiencing, and visualizing the product to check whether or not it will fit into our living space at home before making the final call. However, with Covid-19 restricting the world to stay indoors and work from home, most people have shifted to buying furniture online.

While acclimatizing to this new normal, most of us have naturally started to rethink our lifestyle by channelising our energies into reshaping and redesigning our homes. This transition has created a positive impact on the online home décor market.

As we advance into 2021, this trend is set to pick up and mature further. Despite online furniture shopping being a trendsetter, something still makes us feel hesitant towards this.

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while shopping for furniture online, explained by Mr Mahesh M, CEO of Creaticity, India’s first and largest furniture mall based in Pune.

Perform quality check and decide which product or brand to follow

There are and will be times when website images don’t necessarily reflect the material used. Therefore, it is advisable to check your product the moment you receive it to avoid falling prey to black marketers. Hence, we recommend you to go through both brands and products or follow a balanced view to get the best of both worlds.

Clarify your need

Before you invest your money in a discretionary purchase category like furniture, you need to identify your needs. Don’t just visit a page and instantly buy furniture without pondering over anything. Before the aforementioned steps, do proper research, instead of being restricted to any particular brand, product, design, or any such factor. Going through so many options will also open you to more new products in terms of design or any unique offering.

Check with the e-retailer for more details

Once you reach the final stage, don’t forget to seek more details regarding durability, servicing, and maintenance. As a responsible customer, it is your right to be aware of what steps to take if there is any problem with the product in the following days. Clarify all your queries with the e-retailer on chat or over a call. Also, look for additional information such as warranty, shipping costs, delivery timelines, etc.

Final word

Last but not the least, always choose a trusted brand with immense domain knowledge of the category as your partner. For this, it is crucial to visit the brand website, look at their strengths, and most importantly, read through all the online reviews. Why? Because most of the time, we often believe in what we see through the eyes of our friends or users who share their experiences online.

Moreover, in today’s digital-first age, innovations like virtual tours further augment consumer shopping experiences by refining and making them more seamless than ever before.

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