Pandit Karan Sharma – Astrologer, numerologist, and vastu consultant and guide

Pandit Karan Sharma - Astrologer, numerologist, and vastu consultant and guide

Life does not come without challenges. An old adage says ’there is joy after sorrow and light after darkness’. When there are light and joy, we are quite content and happy with our life. But it is during the moment of darkness that we need a guiding light to guide us to the truth. It is during the difficult moments that we need someone to help us with their knowledge and experience. Pandit Karan Sharma’s expertise lies in solving these difficulties and helping us overcome them. Pandit Karan Sharma is an expert astrologer, numerologist, and Vastu consultant. Besides this, he also has mastery over various healing modalities. He is based out of Chandigarh and attracts an impressive list of clientele from all over the country and even internationally.

Pt. Karan Sharma has many awards to boast of. Some of them include Bhargu Ratan Award, Jyotish Shastri Award, and Shiromani Acharya Award. Because of his vast knowledge and talent, he is one of the most sought after astrologers in Punjab, Haryana, and around. His knowledge of Vedic and Western astrology is impeccable, and that’s why his advice on various aspects of life such as career, relationship, and marriage, business, and finance is spot on.

If you think your life has become stagnant or you are facing a difficult choice at work or you want the right kind of guidance to make the best financial investment, Pandit Karan Sharma is whom you should turn to. His crisp and apt predictions and guidance are the reason many celebrities, Bollywood stars, cricketers, businessmen, and even politicians approach him for his stellar guidance.

He is an expert in astrology, gemology, numerology, palm reading, spirituality, and Vaastu Shastra among other things. He offers consultation either face to face or online. His clients are from all over the world as his expertise and fame have transcended geographical borders. In the year 2016 he won the Astrologer Of the Year Award, presented by AIFAS, K.J. He also won the Award Of Excellence, presented by the Minister Of Sports And Youth Affairs, Govt of Punjab. These awards are just a few of the many honors that have been awarded to him. However, he feels that the biggest honor for him is his client’s satisfaction. He says,’ It is a special kind of feeling when you are able to solve anyone’s problems and you see the joy on their faces! That feeling cannot be described in words, and it is the best reward I can get for my work’.

He believes that he is only a medium to help people. He thanks God for allowing him to solve the problems of people. He is a firm believer in God and says that it is God, not him who solves problems. ‘I can only guide’, says he.

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