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Pauly D Believes Snooki Will Return To Jersey Shore — Here’s Why

Pauly and Snooki

Snooki shocked the Jersey Shore fan base to their core when she announced that she was leaving the show. Her announcement definitely seemed like it was permanent but according to Pauly D — the meatball may return.

Snooki, JWoww, and Deena took a lot of heat after the speech they gave at Angelina’s wedding last season. So much so, that they received death threats and people went to Yelp to write terrible reviews for Snooki’s businesses.

Between spending time away from her kids, the drama with Angelina, and the criticism from fans — Snooki decided to leave the show.

She explained on her podcast: ‘I think when I was, like, actually forcing myself to be in a situation that I wasn’t happy in. Like, I was forcing myself to be ‘happy,’ and I’m like, ‘That’s not me.’ I’m not genuinely happy. That’s when I’m like, ‘I’m out.’ It was really hard, but I had to think about my happiness and where I really wanted myself to be, and it’s being a mom and being [with my] kids and not drama and drinking … and drama.’

It wasn’t that hard of a decision considering that all of the cast members of Jersey Shore not only made a lot of money when the original series was airing but also received a heft payday for the reboot Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Snooki went on to star in spin-offs, create a Youtube, podcast, and clothing line.

According to Pauly D, she is still very much involved with the stars of the show.

‘We talked to her every single day, even when we’re filming. She has, like, super FOMO [fear of missing out]. She’s in the loop on everything. So, to me, it feels like she didn’t quit. She’s there! I just hope that she comes back, and I think she will. I don’t know. We’ll see. I think she will.’


Do you think Snooki will come back to the MTV series?

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