Home News Political leader and social worker Sachin Shinde continues to do the commendable work of clean water project in Mumbai

Political leader and social worker Sachin Shinde continues to do the commendable work of clean water project in Mumbai

Sachin Shinde

Every person is accountable for the deeds he or she does. That’s why there goes a saying, “Do good, and the better will come to you in unexpected ways.” Doing exceptional work for the betterment of society, entrepreneur and social worker Sachin Shinde has won people’s trust in the last few years. With his incredible work, Shinde has built a great reputation among the masses and is rightly looked upon by today’s youth.

Not just in the coronavirus crisis, but much before the epidemic, Sachin has stood by the people and has always extended his support towards them. To expand his horizon as an influential social worker, Sachin has been working with the Bhartiya Janta Party for the last two decades. To broaden his social activities, the political leader initiated the Maitri Foundation, a philanthropic service that looks after the overall development of society. 

He is widely known for the clean water project, a one of a kind initiative that has improved sanitation facilities in the country. Through this concept, he has connected with the masses from various societies in the Mahim Assembly, Mumbai. While many societies in the city have underground and overhead water tanks, Sachin took the responsibility to clean the tanks that remained uncleaned for years. 

With a core vision of eliminating health hazards, Sachin Shinde took charge of cleaning the water tanks that remained uncleaned for years. “My team has been associated with a professional agency that takes care after cleaning the water tanks at regular intervals. Today the citizens of more than 90 societies have been benefited from various life-threatening diseases”, quoted Mr Shinde. 

During the time of COVID-19, Shinde has made sure to continue this exemplary work. The consistent efforts taken by his team has indeed seen a decrease in the diseases caused because of the contaminated water. Besides the water tank cleaning program, Sachin Shinde has been working towards various other causes like educating the underprivileged children, women empowerment and various other donations for the poor people of the country. Well, the heroic acts done by Sachin Shinde has truly made him a notable name in society. 

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