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Poll: Do you think LG should sell its smartphone division?


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We don’t need to rehash LG‘s well-known struggles in the smartphone industry. The company’s been floundering for years now losing revenue, dropping market share, and shedding consumer trust. This week, a memo stemming from the company’s top brass suggested that it’s exploring “all possibilities” for its mobile division. This has led to rumors of a sell-off to another smartphone firm.

While this eventuality isn’t something LG would want, it might be a valid option. Selling all or part of the company’s mobile division would allow it to focus on particular market segments. LG’s strategy seemingly reflects this notion, too. It already outsources the manufacturing of its budget mobiles to other firms. This has let the company build more adventurous flagships, including the LG Wing and to-be-confirmed LG Rollable.

Arguably, for a company as established as LG, a sale to a competitor shouldn’t be an option. The company remains a force in the US market, and while it seems like a distant memory it has produced a slew of excellent mobiles in the past. Fundamentally, it’s still possible for it to regain its former glory.

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We could probably play a lengthy game of pros and cons with LG, but we want to know from you what you think about the company’s prospects. Do you feel that LG’s mobile arm should be sold? Or do you feel there’s still some fight left in the Korean marque?

Do be sure to vote in our poll above, and drop a comment down below if you have any pressing thoughts on LG or its wares.

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