Poll: How important is water resistance to you when buying a flagship?

Poll: How important is water resistance to you when buying a flagship?

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra splash

Xiaomi has finally joined the ranks of manufacturers offering a water resistant flagship smartphone, with the Mi 11 Ultra and China-only Mi 11 Pro both delivering IP68 designs.

That got us wondering just how important water resistance is to Android Authority readers though. Is it a must or a non-factor when buying a flagship phone? You can vote in the poll below.

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Personally, water resistance has been a key feature for me over the years, giving me some peace of mind if caught in the rain or if the device gets accidentally dropped in water. But IP ratings do have their downsides though.

One of the biggest downsides is that IP ratings aren’t cheap for manufacturers, with these costs often being passed on to consumers as a result. This is presumably why we seldom see mid-range and low-end phones with official water resistance ratings. Another lesser known downside to having a water resistant phone is that repairing it yourself can often be a tougher endeavor, as there’s a ton of sealing inside the device. 

Give us your thoughts on the matter by voting in the poll and by leaving a comment below!

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