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Poll: What are your impressions of the leaked Android 12 details so far?


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Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Android 12 rumors are steadily gaining pace. As the possible launch of the first developer preview nears, we’re gaining more glimpses into what future Android phones may gain.

Judging by the plentiful leaks thus far, we understand that Google has earmarked privacy, usability, and aesthetics as key factors to improve.

Recently leaked screenshots suggest a revamped privacy system will allow users to better control app permissions and app access to key sensors. Google is also seemingly polishing its Android 12 UI, adding wider color palettes within themes that match the selected wallpaper. Additionally, adding ART as a Mainline module will ensure updates are doled out more smoothly across manufacturers. Improvements for gamers are also on the cards, while phones light on storage may be given a helping hand, too.

These are just some of the rumored features set to make it onto Google’s next mobile OS. But what are your impressions of Android 12 thus far? On the whole, Android 12 doesn’t seem a revolutionary jump over its predecessor. While an iterative step could be argued as a good thing, is this what Android users really want?

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We’d love to hear your opinions of Android 12 as uncovered thus far. What else do you expect Google to touch on prior to its official debut? Additionally, what features do you want Google to address or introduce in Android 12?

Be sure to vote in our poll above, and drop your thoughts in the comments section below.

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