Prepare for certifications in AWS, Azure, Java, PMP, and more with Whizlab’s course library | ZDNet

Prepare for certifications in AWS, Azure, Java, PMP, and more with Whizlab's course library | ZDNet

The key to professional growth is continuous learning. If your goals involve climbing high up in the career ladder, you have to do what it takes to avoid stagnation. Expanding your skillset to develop future opportunities is imperative. In today’s job market, it’s all the more crucial to be more marketable. It’s especially vital if you’re in the IT space, where competition is as cutthroat as it gets.

You can facilitate lifelong learning and add more abilities to your repertoire with a lifetime membership to Whizlabs, a leading e-learning platform trusted by industry giants like Accenture, Bloomberg, and Cisco.

Established in 2000, it has catered to over 3 million people, helping them to secure the certifications they need to clinch promotions and rise up in their career. Now, for a limited time, you can gain lifetime access to all courses on the platform for only $129.99. That’s a small price to pay for the bottomless pool of knowledge you can get from the course collection.

Whizlabs is packed with all the resources professionals in the tech sector can benefit from. On the site, you can find certifications relevant in industries in tech, software, sales, business development, and communications. You can gain access to various courses on AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Java, Linux, as well as receive online certification training for various disciplines, such as Cloud Computing, Java, Big Data, Project Management, Agile, Linux, CCNA, and Digital Marketing.

Each course on the platform is instructed by subject-matter experts and certified professionals, so you’ll only learn from the best of the best. Content is regularly updated, too, allowing you to be get up to speed with the latest in your chosen niche. Plus, once you complete a course, you’ll receive certifications, which validate and demonstrate your new skills.

Whether you’re trying to land your dream role or are looking to secure a promotion, Whizlabs will equip you with the skills and certifications to help you accomplish your professional goals. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription is on sale for $129.99.

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