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President Joe Biden Is Addressing These Four National Crises Now!

President Joe Biden Is Addressing These Four National Crises Now!

To say that President Joe Biden inherited a quagmire from the previous administration is an understatement, to say the least. The very fabric of the nation has been torn apart, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have vowed to mend our democracy and bring the country to a more perfect union. President Joe Biden isn’t wasting any time either. He has quickly started unraveling what Donald Trump instituted and announced the nation’s priorities that he is immediately working on. Right now, there are four main national crises that President Joe Biden is focused upon: COVID-19, the economy, racial equity, and climate. Many of these areas are integral to the other.

COVID-19 has devastated the economy by sending millions into unemployment. The previous administration did not rely on science and fact when handling the COVID-19 pandemic and when it first started, President Donald Trump called the virus a hoax. He challenged the expertise of leading experts such as Dr. Fauci who is now feeling ‘liberated‘ under President Joe Biden as he leads the fight against the deadly virus.

There has been a dismal failure with the vaccine rollout and President Joe Biden has established a COVID-19 response team that has made getting the vaccine out a priority. Dr. Fauci says that if we can get up to 85 percent of the nation vaccinated, we could see a close return to normalcy by fall. Setting federal guidelines that states will adhere to in areas such as reopening schools, COVID-19 safety guidelines in the workplace, and in areas such as public transportation are being enacted right now.

Minority groups are at a disproportionate rate of contracting and dying from the deadly virus and there are numerous factors that contribute to this. President Biden is committed to uncovering those causes and addressing them. COVID-19 shouldn’t target minority groups and that indicates there are underlying factors that are making certain groups more vulnerable.

President Biden’s commitment to bringing racial equity to the United States may be linked to COVID-19 but he wants to uproot and remove systemic racism from society. He has also vowed to bring racial equity to areas of law enforcement where it is not only lacking but suffered under President Donald Trump’s ‘law and order’ campaign that never addressed everyday issues such as police brutality.

Finally, President Biden is making addressing climate change an immediate priority and wants to lead America into an era where we use clean energy.


What do you think about President Joe Biden’s plan and the whirlwind of executive orders he has signed in just the first day of his administration?

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