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Proud Mary 2: Netflix release date, filming… Will the sequel arrive soon? – Topbuzztrends.com

Proud Mary 2: Netflix release date, filming… Will the sequel arrive soon? - Topbuzztrends.com

The fiction featuring Mary Goodwin’s story was not unanimous when it was released in theaters in 2018. The action movie that was recently released on Netflix is far from new. On the other hand, the timing is very well orchestrated, as subscribers have recently discovered Ava will necessarily want to give Taraji P. Henson a chance. Is Proud Mary 2 already in production? Or will the feature film never have a sequel? We will try to answer this question more complicated than it seems …

We reveal all the information we currently have about Proud Mary 2: Release date, filming, casting, renewal …

This is a wise bet for the streaming giant that has decided not to depend on criticism and acquire the rights of María proud. The feature film was not very well received by viewers who gave it an average rating of 2.4 / 5 on Allociné. The box office in the United States amounts to twenty-one million dollars while the production budget was three-quarters of that amount. All these negative signals did not change Netflix’s mind that it was sure that the action movie would convince its subscribers.

A month earlier, Ava had achieved real success by dominating the ranking of the most viewed content internationally for several weeks. The two fictions are very similar: a female hired character in the lead role loved ones in danger and a desperate situation in which the heroine must survive when hunted by a criminal organization.

Subscribers to the SVOD platform had highly appreciated the scenario because Mary was quickly propelled to second in the top ten of the most viewed content in Spain. Do this Could success convince Netflix to produce Proud Mary 2? We will be honest with you, there is very little chance of this happening.

Is Proud Mary 2 already scheduled for release on Netflix?

It is not the streaming platform that will decide whether or not there will be a second movie. Unlike its original productions, Netflix Solo paid for permission to broadcast the adventures of Mary and Danny.

The production company that chooses to direct Proud Mary 2 certainly won’t. since the first movie was barely profitable. The objective of these companies is to earn money by financing film projects. When one of their content is viewed in bulk, they follow up (if the scenario allows) for even more benefits.

Netflix will never announce the release date of Proud Mary 2 because the feature film will not be entitled to a second play. It’s a shame because the second movie could have made us discover the new life of Danny and his adoptive mother. If you’re envisioning the sequel, know that you won’t have to for Prison Break, as Netflix could produce season six soon.

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