Home Sports PUBG Mobile: 5 reasons which shows hopes to revive PUBG Mobile is dead in India

PUBG Mobile: 5 reasons which shows hopes to revive PUBG Mobile is dead in India

PUBG Mobile: 5 reasons which shows hopes to revive PUBG Mobile is dead in India

PUBG Mobile has been banned in the country for over four months now. The Government of India banned the app under Section 69A of the IT Act, and the latest development says that apps like TikTok and 58 others are in the permanently banned list. There is no update on the 118 apps that were banned along with PUBG Mobile.

However, FAUG’s launch has seemed to hammer the last nail in PUBG Mobile’s coffin. The game has over 5 million since it was launched on Republic Day. Though the game has had mixed reactions, the fact that people jumped on to the FAUG wagon soon, indicates that PUBG Mobile might just be dead for many.

Last announcement about PUBG Mobile:

The last update on PUBG Mobile India pages was on November 14, 2020. It was a trailer about PUBG Mobile India and the top PUBG Mobile players and content creators were seen contemplating the comeback of PUBG Mobile India.

Last update on PUBG Mobile pages:

The latest update posted by PUBG Mobile India was a vacancy that PUBG Mobile India had posted on LinkedIn for a Senior Esports Consultant. However, the posting was removed within a stipulated time. The location of the job was Bengaluru, where the headquarters of PUBG Mobile India would be.

Government’s Stand on PUBG Mobile India’s return:

PUBG Mobile India’s return has been a little diabolical since the talks with the PUBG Mobile officials’ plea has not been heard by the government as of now. As the situation in India stands, there is a bleak possibility that talks would even start in the near future. There are even RTIs that have answered the question regarding whether or not there have been talks about PUBG Mobile India’s launch.

FAUG Launch:

FAUG was launched on January 26, 2021, Republic Day. This happens to be a piece of bad news for PUBG Mobile India since many players have moved to play FAUG and the number of downloads that FAUG has had– over 5 million is a huge testimony of the kind of liking people have FAUG. Read our FAUG review to know what we think about the game.

Complete silence from PUBG Mobile India team:

There has been no intimation from any person from PUBG Mobile India’s team. No updates from their handles, no one is saying anything regarding the about PUBG Mobile India’s launch.

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