Home Sports PUBG Mobile India launch big update today? Here’s what we know so far

PUBG Mobile India launch big update today? Here’s what we know so far

PUBG Mobile India launch big update today? Here's what we know so far

PUBG Mobile has been in news for a long while now. Mostly because the Government of India imposed a ban on PUBG and 117 other apps, for “threatening the security and sovereignty of the country.” Ever since the game was banned on September 2, 2020, the game’s return was first teased around Diwali when PUBG Mobile India was teased when PUBG Corporation released a trailer with top eSports players in the country– Jonathan, Dynamo and Kronten.

The game’s comeback was again teased by PUBG influencer, Maxtern on Twitter, when he wrote in a tweet that there is going to be a big surprise around Christmas. People were quick to believe those, only to be dejected when the PUBG didn’t relaunch in the country.

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Maxtern, on his now-deleted Twitter, had tweeted saying there would be a major announcement between January 15 to January 19 regarding the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India. However, Maxtern (read: fake Maxtern) popped up on Twitter again under the username @RealMaxtern2 and tweeted saying there is a trailer coming tomorrow.

Ocean Sharma tweeted Maxtern’s YouTube community post and said “Let’s see kya hota hai.” The wait is on…

Maxtern Instagram

It is January 19, and as of the day, Maxtern’s Instagram account has been deactivated. It could all be a fear of getting hate, but who is to say? However, for now, it is only best for him to lay low and let the rumours about PUBG Mobile India’s return be put to rest as well. However, his fan pages assert that there would be some announcement on January 22, 2021.
Maxtern Instagram

PUBG Mobile India has not been given any kind of permission from the Government of India regarding a relaunch. There has been no update on the game as of now, and no statement has been released by the government of India or PUBG Mobile Corporation about PUBG relaunch. So unless there is an official update from either of the two parties concerned, people are requested not to fall prey to the fake PUBG Mobile India APK links. They can choose to play the Korean version if they want.

If the government or people concern from PUBG Mobile India’s team give an update PUBG Mobile India’s relaunch, only then that information is to be considered as concrete.

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