Home Health Punjab: Cop tries to molest widow, villagers nab him red-handed

Punjab: Cop tries to molest widow, villagers nab him red-handed

Punjab: Cop tries to molest widow, villagers nab him red-handed

At a time when frontline workers, including cops, are working tirelessly to protect the community, an assistant sub-inspector in Punjab shamed humanity. ASI Gurwinder Singh was caught red-handed while trying to blackmail and molest a widow in a village in Bathinda.

Gurwinder Singh, who is posted as a CIA staff member in Bathinda, was allegedly blackmailing a widow for Rs 2 lakh and had asked her for sexual favours. When local villagers learnt of his harassment, they laid down a trap and caught him red-handed.

The cop was handed over to the police department and dismissed from his duty. Gurwinder Singh reportedly tried to commit suicide inside the prison.

According to the police complaint registered in the matter, Gurwinder Singh wanted to form a physical relationship with the widow. When she spurned his advances, he raided her house with a few of his colleagues on May 6 and arrested her 20-year-old son in a fake drugs case.

Incidentally, the son was suffering from Covid-19 at the time and was under home isolation. Disregarding his medical condition, the cop allegedly not only framed him but also took away Rs 60,000 his mother had saved for his treatment.

Additionally, Gurwinder Singh asked the widow to give him another Rs 2 lakh in exchange for her son’s freedom, the complaint said. The widow arranged Rs 1 lakh from her relatives and gave them to Gurwinder Singh but he was not satisfied and asked her for sexual favours.

Fed up by his blackmail, the widow approached the villagers. They helped her lay a trap to nab the cop.

The villagers asked the woman to call Singh to her home. But before that they installed spy cameras in her house and broke the latch to her room’s door so that he cannot lock it.

According to the plan, the widow called the cop to come to her house on Tuesday, 8 PM.

As soon as Gurvinder Singh reached the woman’s house and took off her clothes, the villagers opened the door and grabbed him.

The cop was then handed him over to SSP Bathinda.

The police have registered a rape case against Gurvinder Singh under Section 376 of the IPC, further probe is on.


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