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Queen Of The South Season 5: Know The Official Release Date And Other Updates – Crossover 99

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The founders of Queen of the South are now working on the series’ fifth season. The American crime drama was developed by partners M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller who are also well-known for their horror-comedy screenplay, The Last Girls. The series has aired on both USA Network and Netflix, garnering a large fanbase for it is suspenseful and action-packed sequences. The story is a version of this telenovela La Reina del Sur which airs on USA’s sister network, Telemundo, and is an adaptation of this book written by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

Queen Of The South Season 5: Official Release Date

The show’s creator has already confirmed that the team is back in place, and the shooting is going to be completed. With this particular news, fans are anticipating the release date of the series. Even though the show’s release date is still unclear, predictions have been made that the show will hit the screens by approximately June 2021. Furthermore, audiences can not unsee the simple fact that the makers have always released the previous seasons in June, which is all the more reason to anticipate a June release.

Queen Of The South Season 5

Cast Of Queen Of The South, Season 5:

Most of the cast from the past seasons of the series are expected to return for the new season. We can expect to see many familiar faces such as Teresa Mendoza, James Valdez, Pote Galvez, and Alonzo Loya. Other than them, we can also expect to see several new faces too. For now, let us wait for the manufacturers to reveal the casts.

Queen Of The South Season 5: Storyline

Queen of the South centers around Teresa Mendoza, a poor Mexican girl from Jalisco, Mexico. After falling in love with Raymundo”El Güero” Davila (Jon-Michael Ecker), a part of this drug cartel, who’s then murdered, she finds herself fleeing to the US to take down the leader of this drug ring that is after her. After infiltrating the cartel, she builds her successful drug distribution firm and becomes very wealthy; however, this introduces her to many more challenges to overcome.

Season four of Queen of the South left off on a Significant cliffhanger. After James had left to work with the CIA for Teresa’s protection, he was seen frantically driving in the last episode of season 4. In a bloodied shirt, he cautioned Teresa about in imminent danger before the finale finished, leaving fans to speculate about who might be after her. Potential spoiler alert: most believe it’s Devon Finch using the CIA!

Due to the sudden ending of season 4, we expect season 5 will pick up where it left off and finally reveal the mysterious individual or thing who is coming after Teresa Mendoza. Hopefully, Teresa’s previous squad made up of James, Pote, and maybe King Arthur return to combat whatever is revealed.

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