Recognise a Narcissist with these 7 telltale signs

Recognise a Narcissist with these 7 telltale signs

Narcissists are people who cannot think beyond themselves. They are obsessed with themselves and are always seeking validation from others. Here are some signs of a narcissistic person.

Recognise a Narcissist with these 7 telltale signs

We all love ourselves immensely. We are our priority and rightly so. Sure, to love yourself and prioritise your needs is not wrong. But there is a fine line between loving yourself and being a narcissist. A narcissist is someone who thinks the world around them. 


Such people don’t really think about other people and are obsessed with themselves. They only talk about themselves and have an inflated sense of importance. They have a constant need for attention and hardly ever have empathy for other people. To help you identify a narcissist, we have for you some easy signs that you should look out for. 



A constant need for validation


Someone who constantly wants validation from other people is a narcissist. They are looking for approval from others and want people to love them, admire them and adore them. This is because they are inherently insecure beings who crave for attention and love.




They think they are in charge of everything. They can be bossy, aggressive and controlling. Since they feel that the world revolves around them and they are entitled to good things, they control situations to mend them to their convenience. 




They obsess over little things and want everything and everyone around them to be perfect. They want life to unfold just the way they visualise it and when this is not fulfilled, they feel sad and depressed.


Unable to be vulnerable


They always have this mask on. They are constantly trying to impress people by their looks and personality and have this facade on. They cannot handle rejection and therefore, never truly show their vulnerable side to people.


Fear of rejection


They are incredibly insecure and have this constant fear of rejection. They think that they are the best and they do not want their bubble to burst. Since they are seeking validation from others, they are unable to handle rejection.





Since they are obsessed with themselves, they always think of themselves as a victim. They feel that other people take them for granted and never really put them first. This makes them anxious and uneasy. 

Unable to work in a team

Narcissistic people do not have the ability to empathise with others and look at things from their perspective. They do not think about other people and therefore, are unable to work in a team as they do not think beyond themselves.

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