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Review of the final season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The witch says goodbye on Netflix – Topbuzztrends.com

Review of the final season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The witch says goodbye on Netflix - Topbuzztrends.com

The fourth season of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina shows us the final spells for Miss Spellman after Netflix canceled the series. Will there have been time to conceive a closure to match the circumstances?

Witches know many spells in the universe, but surely not even they can decipher the criteria by which Netflix cancels some series. Such was the case with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a “soap opera for teens” full of magical ingredients. The new approach to the character stuck very well with viewers and Kiernan Shipka, its protagonist, earned a place of honor among the fandom.

However, after season 3 of Sabrina, Netflix announced that it was canceling the series (due to some incantation by Blackwood himself?), So those in charge have had to manage to close all the open threads in this season 4 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina before Miss Spellman could say goodbye to her viewers.

But the common thread of this season is not that, but a new threat that acts as the backbone of all the episodes and that is an ingenious claim for us to continue watching another chapter, one that again reminds series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On this occasion, the threat is arcane horrors (Eldritch Terrors in the original version), manifestations of different forms of suffering that exist before Heaven or Hell itself. In each episode, Sabrina and her allies must face a different horror.

As HP Lovecraft fans may have already noticed, this season he drinks heavily from his myths and even makes direct references to the author or his works.

This leads the series to hit the gas with the supernatural and magical elements, with transformations, curses, voodoo, spells, and everything you can think of, with a much more intense rhythm than in previous seasons. The personal and love plots, although they are still there, lose a lot of weight in these final eight episodes.

We far prefer this approach to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, as it has served to make certain characters shine more than ever. Specifically, Ambrose is finally able to unleash his magic scholar side, bringing a lot of “field help” to Brina.

But all this also leads to many subplots being rushed, as if those responsible had thought let’s see, kids, we had planned until season 5, so we have to condense all this into one. Thus, very important secondary such as Faustus, Lilith, or Theo seems to lurch from one side to the other, with facets that open and close at full speed, without giving time to “enjoy” them.

Perhaps the most elaborate facet is the one that exploded at the end of season 3: we have 2 Sabrinas existing at the same time, one on Earth and one in Hell, and the relationship between them is interesting and unexpected: false rivalries are not forced Instead, both characters are a manifestation of the same Sabrina. Also, a trick as simple as changing the iconic Sabrina headband (black for the “original”, red for the one from hell) serves to distinguish them without possible confusion.

The feeling is that much of the season is too dense and, at times, chaotic, although, as we say, the fact that there is a faster and more emotionally charged pace that never means that we do not have a second to get bored.

With so much “compacted” content, the Netflix series makes some mistakes when representing its characters (the behaviors of some of them feel forced), but it also presents us with real moments, with a special mention for a truly original and delusional chapter 7, which is sure to surprise old school fans for good.

The very closure of the series does justice to the character of Sabrina, but there is no doubt that it deserved a somewhat more detailed development, especially when it came to representing some environments that had never been seen in the series, and that deserved much more analysis.

In short, the ending of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is frenetic, more magical than ever, and ultimately quite funny, but its rough edges don’t make you wish the spell hadn’t ended so soon. Maybe we have a spin-off with Salem? You never know…

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