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RHOD Recap: D’Andra And Kary Nearly Come To Blows, Stephanie Proves Travis Wrong

RHOD Recap: Stephanie Sets Out to Prove Travis Wrong and Kary

RHOD Recap: Stephanie Sets Out to Prove Travis Wrong and Kary's Daughter Opens Up About Her Depression and Anxiety; Plus, A Girls' Trip May Be The Tipping Point For Kary and D'Andra

Piecing together a night full of sheninigans (aka shenanigans) is not always fun, especially while nursing a hangover. But the ladies are ready to celebrate another birthday again on this episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

It’s the day after Kary‘s 50th birthday party and all of the moms are HURTING.  They blame Kary for their hangovers and share hangover tricks with each other as they struggle to get through the day.

Love that D’Andra makes Brandi go outside when she comes to D’Andra’s front door. Let us not forget that Brandi traveled to Florida recently… While D’Andra hosts a few of the ladies, the other girls gather to compare notes on the night.  Brandi and Kary did not get home until 5 am. Responsible.  And Kary does not even remember her own birthday party…in her own words, it was a situation. Extra responsible.

Although Kary claims she doesn’t remember much, she DOES remember Tiffany asking her to “push me to have fun,” which doesn’t really mean push a person into the pool…especially a person who cannot swim.  Did Kary turn 50 or…12? Kary is now annoyed that D’Andra is up Tiffany’s butt. The reality is that D’Andra respects Tiffany for the bad a*s that she is and was insinuating that perhaps the women should realize who Tiffany is, personally and professionally.

You know who isn’t a hungover mess? Tiffany. That’s cuz this girl left early.  She’s got sh*t to do, ya know, like getting recertified for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. NBD. When the ACLS guy comes enters Tiffany’s house, sans mask, it leaves me scratching my head. I love when Tiffany tries to have serious convos with her twins about helping people, but alas, they are little and only want her to ask her boss to stay home with them.

On a different parenting note, Kary sits down with her daughter, Olivia, and continuously reminds her that she cannot believe she turned 50.  Olivia states, “no one cares that you’re turning 50.” Hooray for Olivia for saying what everyone is thinking.

Olivia discusses her anxiety and depression, which Kary only found out about last year via a text that read: “Mom, I need to talk to somebody because I’m afraid I may do something to myself.” Kary, of course, blames herself and Olivia claims that since talking to her parents about it, things have been better for her. Olivia further proclaims, “You wouldn’t think that my mom’s voice would be a comforting voice to hear, but it’s oddly satisfying.”

Stephanie comes over D’Andra’s house to help her plan Brandi’s 42nd birthday party. Brandi says that she never liked celebrating her birthday because she sees it as a burden. BUT, since practicing her self-love, it has turned her life upside down. Does that mean she is more racially sensitive these days? Stephanie and D’Andra decide to essentially surprise Brandi with a trip to Grapevine…make it a thing, but not really a thing, ya know??

Stephanie has stayed behind while her husband, Travis, and kids visit family.  She plans on getting a move on into her new office that Travis supplied her with. Travis essentially does not believe that Stephanie can pull this off and gives her an ultimatum, which Stephanie jokingly refers to as a bet. It’s not cute that her own husband doubts her abilities, but instead of backing down, Stephanie elicits the help of her mom and brother-in-law to shut Travis up.

D’Andra has taken her husband, Jeremy’s, advice and wrote a letter to her stepmother and brother trying to clear the air after the family drama.  Because D’Andra is fearful of the postal service losing “30% of all mail” (hello LeeAnne!), she has decided to drop the letter off at the house directly.  Cue the spy music. The only thing D’Andra forgot was to raise the red flag on the mailbox!

Stephanie gets right to work in the new office with her mom painting the place and sharing stories about motherhood. Stephanie talks about how she lost herself in the relationship and worries that Travis sort of likes Stephanie in the background. I am hoping that Stephanie was too distracted to realize she painted right over the outlets, which would probably explain how they were able to get that room painted in two hours. LOL.

It’s the day of Brandi’s surprise Grapevine party and D’Andra has taken her hostess role seriously. She has introduced Captain Brandi to the group, which is a seriously creepy head with a red wig stuck on a pole.  I don’t get it. D’Andra is having too much making this thing talk and the rest of the ladies look at her like WTF is happening.

Kameron shares that she bought Brandi pink glitter pills so Brandi will poop glitter.  Some gift! Interesting that Kam would eat glitter, but NOT a chicken foot…Also, can we talk about Bravo and these face shields? Do they even work without a mask underneath them?  The way these women wear them, they are basically visors at this point…

Kary has already started to complain about everything D’Andra is doing- the tequila is warm. There is no wine opener. Little pokes here and there that are adding up. Eventually, ya’ll know D’Andra is going to pop.

Brandi is surprised and for a girl that’s not good about celebrating herself, she jumps RIGHT on that stripper pole on the bus.  Why did Bravo just glaze over the fact that D’Andra was engaged 13 times? Can we get a whole series on this? Who are the exes? I NEED ANSWERS.

Everyone is starting to see that Kary and D’Andra are at each other’s throats and this situation is only going to get more heightened with alcohol. LIVING for Kam flinging Captain Brandi on the ground and calling it “a-noy-YING.” Captain Brandi is almost as a-noy-YING as Kary picking on hostess D’Andra.

Kary is getting on D’Andra’s last nerve and D’Andra is completely over being her punching bag. She states that she is running a business, not just sitting around planning parties all day.  I am here for Kam reminding everyone that actually, D’Andra gets checks from her MOM. Boom.  D’Andra becomes defensive and as the rest of the group returns to the table after a bathroom break, Kary tells D’Andra, “Pretend we’re not even fighting.”  Will Kary and D’Andra be able to fake their way through the rest of the afternoon? To be continued…


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