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Riot Games developer introduces Valorant Systems Health Series

Valorant Systems Health Series

Last year, Riot Games released one of the most popular FPS games, Valorant. Valorant became a huge hit in the FPS gaming industry in no time. So much hit that it is even expected to be released on mobile platforms. A number of factors made Valorant so successful. However, timely patch updates and the support of the game developers and their interactions with community members are significant ones.  

Riot Games developers today announced that starting this week, they will share a series of articles titled “Valorant Systems Health Series”.

What is Valorant Systems Health Series?

The Devs who work on Valorant gameplay systems such as friends system, text and voice chat, and player behavior monitoring, as well as the competitive systems, MMR, and matchmaking have outlined plans for a series of articles that will go in-depth on relevant topics or issues of the game.

These articles will show the impact of the work so far done on the game and what lies ahead. However, this will be different from patch notes.

So starting this week, devs will be sharing series of articles, that will cover specific topics. Some articles will be about the work Starting this week, devs will share a series of articles covering specific topics. There will be articles on the work that’s already been done and the results that have been measured. Additionally, some articles will focus on upcoming or ongoing work in a specific area.

Here is a list of the areas planned to be covered. 

AFKs Those players who stop playing in the middle of a game

Gameplay toxicity – Such as Intentionally feeding, friendly fire, etc.

Text/Voice chat toxicity – The people who ruin it for everybody

Smurfs, or secondary accounts – We knowprobably our most requested topic

Matchmaking/match fairness – in Competitive queue


Articles on these topics will be released periodically. The first topic that is coming out tomorrow is will dive into AFKs in Valorant.

To track the updates on this series you can either visit Valorant official site here or if you are looking for simpler explanation you can stay updated at Pressboltnews.

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