Home Sports Riot Games developers discuss “goals for individual roles” in League of Legends

Riot Games developers discuss “goals for individual roles” in League of Legends

Riot Games developers discuss “goals for individual roles” in League of Legends

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In every game of League of Legends, designated roles play a major part in gameplay. Just like the Jungler is meant to secure the objectives and standing goal, the ADC plays a role in late-game carry, while the top laner plays the part of the team fight initiator.

The champion picks in League of Legends have a part they play. But players often debate the importance of each role over the other.

Meanwhile, a large segment of the League of Legends community feel that it’s the carries who play the essential part in each game. Others believe that it’s the Jungler and the Support who sets the team up for success.

In the latest Ask Riot, League of Legends developers provided much-needed clarity on the debate.

Senior League of Legends game designer John “Riot Sotere” Frank opens up about their goals for each of the roles in the game when asked, “Should roles have similar strength at all points of the match or should some be stronger?”

Goals for individual roles in League of Legends

In the Ask Riot blog, the League of Legends developer explains that,

“The goal is for each role to feel like it can meaningfully change the outcome of a match. Due to the shape of the map (dragons spawn earlier and are bot, Baron spawns later and is top, mid lane can roam to other lanes, etc.), exact parity at all points in the game isn’t something we strive for.”

“In fact, we think unique power curves are a good thing. Slight advantages and disadvantages in power at different times make for a wider range of decisions and strategic elements to consider.”

Every role in League of Legends will bring their unique strengths to the match. A support pick will not go toe-to-toe with an enemy like a mid laner or top laner can. However, their strengths lie in setting up vision around the map and providing teammates with small advantages.

The League of Legends devs feel that “power-over-time is a healthy way to diversify the feeling of champion classes.”

So, just as Draven and Caitlyn are early game lane bullies, picks like Vayne and Kog’Maw take their time to scale into late-game hyper carries.

League of Legends is, in essence, a team game, and every role has its own important part to play in a match. So, each position hitting it at separate times makes for a unique gameplay experience for power spikes.

Published 12 Feb 2021, 18:08 IST

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