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Santul Kathara: Business tycoon from India

Santul Kathara: Business tycoon from India

Life of a business person is extreme and we are regularly hit by a detour. Like it or not, building your own domain without any preparation takes all of your heart, soul, blood, and sweat.

With regards to business and execution, no measure of information is ever enough. While you have your own arrangement of mastery, as a business visionary you have to keep awake to-date of your condition. Based on what’s going on, what’s not to what exactly will occur in the coming day, you should be knowledgeable.It never stops to flabbergast how long individuals squander looking interminably for enchantment alternate ways to innovative achievement and satisfaction when the main genuine way is gazing them directly in the face: genuine business people who start genuine organizations that utilize genuine individuals who give genuine items and administrations to genuine clients.

Santul Kathara is an engineering graduate and heart of an Artist, Santul Katahra was an active entrepreneur right from his school days.

Santul Kathara started his entrepreneurial journey in 2005 with contractual Imports for heavy and light weight machinery in India; While managing his family business of import & export in New Delhi. His passion for work and inherited business acumen, lead him to expand his businesses in India, China and Europe. In the year 2011 he was among as one of the highest exporter of Natural Stone and Granite to Europe, UAE and the United states.

Although his right hemisphere always drove him to explore his creativity. Advancing in his long term career plans, he invested in several Bollywood projects and reality tv where he got massive success in revenue and much deserving appreciation.

Furthering his investment plans and passion in the field of creativity and artistry, he founded his celebrity management & productions firm. His firm achieved a record breaking six figure income in the very first year of conception. Being an all round creative individual inspired him to explore and invest in the fashion industry simultaneously. Till date he has produced 5 fashion films for MNC, Corporations and brands like Reliance trends, Daniel wellington among many others.

Any blockade can be managed in a superior way, on the off chance that you read books, diaries, magazines, articles, and examination papers. Business articles from famous individuals give you experiences that open numerous entryways. It presents us with point of view, recommendations, vision that now and again we miss on, which keeps us down.

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