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Shanghai School News Roundup: November 2021

Shanghai School News Roundup: November 2021

Forest School at NAIS Pudong

Nursery Dragonflies embarked on their first Forest School experience. The children were filled with curiosity, awe and wonder as they explored the woodland area. Using their senses, the children looked for autumn treasures and listened to the sounds of the forest. They were delighted to find some thick oozy mud to mark make in with sticks, some prickly pine cones, leaves of different shapes, colors and sizes and some super long branches.

In taking learning outdoors and into the forest, the children were more at ease and confident. They were able to develop their social skills and friendships, learn new language through hands on, meaningful experiences, solve problems, think critically, take risks, try new things, persevere and actively engage in their own learning.  

What an amazing day of exploration and learning in the forest!

Have-to-Dance Competition at Wellington College

In early November, pupils at Wellington College International Shanghai put their dance talents to the test with their annual Have-to-Dance competition. Competition winners then joined Wellington’s dance scholars to perform in the College’s first-ever Autumn Dance Showcase.

Dulwich Pudong Students IGCSE Top Marks

Four Dulwich Pudong students have been awarded Top Marks in the 2021 IGCSE exams.

Top in the World:

Mathematics: Cheuk Hei Josh Y.

Foreign Language German: Bryan Y.

Top in China:

Drama: Isabelle Q.

Foreign Language, French: Sophie D.

IGCSE Top Marks recognize students who have scored amongst the highest in their cohort. We applaud their outstanding efforts and results.

Dulwich Puxi Win Diversity and Inclusion Award

Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi won the inaugural British Schools Awards 2021 Diversity and Inclusion Award. “We are immensely proud and honored to have received an award in this important area,” the school responded to the announcement. “At Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi, we believe that diversity and inclusion start with a strong sense of belonging. Our students and staff flourish as individuals within a caring and connected community. We have worked hard to develop our curriculum and our learning and work environments to create an inclusive culture that fosters respect and intercultural understanding. This award goes a long way in recognizing the College’s achievements in this area.”

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