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Shark Tank India: Bacon Jams and Proteins With A Twist

Shark Tank India

In the latest episode of Shark Tank India, dated 3rd February 2022, we saw some products with a twist which kept us wondering about the hardships we face and never even thought about.

Bacon Jams

A unique idea presented by Nomad Food project owned by Advaith Siddharth and Aditya Rai. They make bacon jams and relish made from pork. They use the smoky and saltiness of the animal fat to make bacon thecha and chorizo jam. These can be used on bread as a spread or mix it with eggs too.

They have 12 products on their website out of which 5 are pork products which they claimed as their best sellers. They also have vegetarian options available. Their ask was 40 lakhs for and equity of 10%. Shark Vinita and Namita originally gave them an offer of 40 lakhs for 20 % equity. After them, sharks Peeyush, Anupam and Aman offered 40 lakhs for 20%. Ghazal also offered 40 lakhs for 15% but later joined shark Vinita and Namita. Shark Ashneer also joined Shark Vinita’s team later.

The participants finally chose Shark Vinita, Namita, Ghazal and Ashneer to make the deal final at 40 lakhs for 15%.

Proteins With A Twist

Another very interesting range of products were shown to us by the company Green Protein owned by Madhvi Datwani. She made protein drinks with fruit flavours that taste just like juices. She claimed her drinks were as refreshing as juices and very easy to digest. They even have single serving sachets.

They asked for 60 lakhs at 2% equity stake. Their bestselling flavour was pineapple. Sharks Ghazal, Vinita and Aman together offered them 60 lakhs at 20% equity. Shark Anupam also offered 60 lakhs at 15% equity. The participants gave a counter offer as 60 lakhs at 5% equity.

Ghazal also countered them with 60 lakhs at 15% but the participants declined the offer at the end.

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