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Siddharth Nigam opens up on his struggling days and how he bagged a role in Dhoom 3 | Bollywood Life

Siddharth Nigam opens up on his struggling days and how he bagged a role in Dhoom 3 | Bollywood Life

Siddharth Nigam is loved for his role as Aladin in Aladdin: Naam Toh Suna Hoga. He made his debut as a child actor in a blockbuster film, Dhoom 3 in 2013. After getting a film like Dhoom 3, Siddharth decided to pursue his passion of gymnastics and stayed away from the showbiz industry. He returned to the small screen with Mahakumbh and then went on to win hearts as Ashoka. He is a national level gold medalist gymnast. In an interview with ETimes, he spoke about facing rejections in the industry. He said, “I have faced rejections and bure tareeke ke rejections at the start of my career. But even after doing a movie like Dhoom 3, I went back to gymnastics because I had this love for my sport. Both luck and my hard work paid off. After Dhoom 3 my life changed and I got many offers. I became Dhoom boy. I have to keep working hard no matter how big I become. My mantra is based on two things – I have to work hard and second believe in myself, give my 101 per cent to any project I do. Post Dhoom 3 things started falling in place, then I gave look test for Ashoka and got selected. Ashoka went on for two years, it gave me money and fame.” Also Read – Siddharth Nigam of Aladdin fame aces the gymnastic back flip with Tiger Shroff and we can watch the video on loop

“I established myself in the industry. After Ashoka I did reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. Ashoka got me fame and that’s when I thought that we can stay in Mumbai and continue to work in this industry. I did reality shows and then in 2018 I bagged Aladdin. I also waited for good roles to come my way. After Ashoka I have done a few shows which I wasn’t sure about but I did them. I believe Aladdin was meant for me and it became very popular,” he added. He also revealed how he bagged Dhoom 3. He said, “I have never given many auditions so I don’t have enough stories to share about rejections. Whatever little auditions I gave there were a few bitter experiences. Gymnastics was an important part of my life. My goal was to win an Olympic goal medal. When I did the show Ashoka, after that I had to wait to get a good role. Because for anybody if they have reached a certain level or achieved a certain kind of fame then you can not accept any lame thing that comes your way as there are expectations from fans. At the same time there are a few others who keep trying to pull you down. I remember when I got Aladdin people said that he won’t be able to pull off Aladdin. So people judge you and those people are like obstacles and you have to keep proving them and move ahead. I worked really hard on Aladdin and made my own reference for Aladdin. My director had faith in me and we worked hard for one week to build my own Aladdin. I felt if you are a true artist then you can achieve anything.” Also Read – Siddharth Nigam brings home a new Jaguar car; says, ‘I feel blessed coz once I had a dream of buying a new I20 for my family’

“I had done an ad and then my mother got a call directly from Yash Raj Films. We never knew about YRF or Shanoo Sharma. I knew about Dhoom and Dhoom 2. When she got the call saying they are from so and so production, my mother got scared and disconnected the phone. Mumbai was like London or America for me. Then we searched the names from where we had got the call. She then called up again. We told them that we don’t have so much money to travel to Mumbai for a look test. The plan then went into the backburner. But a month later, we got a call again for the same film. They called us to Mumbai and they made arrangements for our accommodation. In Mumbai we met Shanoo Sharma and they loved me the moment I gave the look test. I genuinely thank the production house for everything they did for me during the making of Dhoom 3. It was not just a movie set for me but like family for me,” he added. He also shared how he had to struggle while shifting to Mumbai. Also Read – Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga’s Avneet Kaur scores 74 per cent in Maharashtra HSC board; says, ‘I was recovering from Dengue at that point in time’

He shared, “All the fame and success that I have got in the industry wasn’t served to me on a platter. I had to really work hard for it. I would say that I have worked really hard to get where I am today. (maine apni thali mein aik aik sabzi se lekar aik aik daal aur chawal ka daana khud ki mehnat se rakha hai. ) Everyone has their share of difficulties in life. I belong to a small town and have no connection in the industry. It was a very difficult life because I lost my father at a very young age. And my mother has brought us up alone. We would eat dahi chawal on days because we didn’t have that much money to get sufficient ration. (like dal, sabzi afford nahi kar sakte they). I am not talking about lavish food but we could not even afford basic food. I have seen those days too. It has been an adventurous journey and I have made many sacrifices along with my mother. I always thank God and my fans for all their love and support for where I am is because of their blessings and love.”

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