Home EntertainmentTV Sidharth Shukla wants to erase the memory of losing his father; fans say, ‘Uncle will be proud of you’ | Bollywood Life

Sidharth Shukla wants to erase the memory of losing his father; fans say, ‘Uncle will be proud of you’ | Bollywood Life

Sidharth Shukla wants to erase the memory of losing his father; fans say, 'Uncle will be proud of you' | Bollywood Life

Bigg Boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukla has left his fans emotional when he shared a sad tweet on his father Ashok Shukla. The television heartthrob wished to erase the memory of losing his father on this day but said he feels helpless that he can’t do it. His tweet sent his fans on an emotional ride and they became contemplating that today might be the day when Sidharth lost his father.

Though Sidharth didn’t mention the reason behind his cryptic tweet, fans began pouring massive emotional support for the actor. They told him that ‘uncle will be proud of you’ for the things he has achieved in his life. They soon became trending ‘Sidharth Ashok Shukla’ on Twitter in solidarity with the actor’s loss.

“Hey Sid, Just know that ur dad is proud of you.. I know kuch memories hame sad kar deti hai, and us time hum helpless feel karte hai.. Just sending u strength and look around, your fans and people around you love you.. I hope things become better for you.. Take care,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user asked Sidharth to stay strong and shared her own story of losing her father. “I can understand your pain. My father died when I was two and a half years old. Maine Kabhe papa bola ke nahe. So I do not even have memories of them. I have only seen them in the photo! @sidharth_shukla Stay Strong Apke pass yaade hai na.Don’t be sad. Love you. Good bless you,” she tweeted.

Soon Sidharth’s timeline was flooded with messages full of love and compassion from his fans.

When Sidharth had entered Bigg Boss 14 as a Toofani Senior, he was seen getting emotional while talking to Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan about his father. He narrated an incident when he thought of gifting his father shoes from his own money. His father had two options but he chose the one which was cheaper. Sidharth told Hina and Gauahar, “I felt very guilty. As a child I used to always pick things which were expensive and my dad chose the cheaper one. We had a big argument as I wanted to buy him the expensive one.”

He had further added, “When I missed the bus, I began running and he also started doing the same, while carrying my school bag, I looked at him, with his hair flowing in the wind and thought ‘kya lagta hai ye admi, ye bhari bag leke full speed me mere se aage bhag raha hai’ (Just how wonderful he looks, carrying that heavy bag and yet running ahead of me!) He is so strong.”

“Lucky are those people who have both parents together and can live life with them. When my dad passed away, I was modelling…Mera commercial jeb mein rakhte the…Alag aadmi tha, will power alag hi tha (He carried my commercials in his pocket and had such great will power). Normally people live for two years (after diagnosis of complications related to lungs), but he lived for seven years. He did not see me achieving all this,” he had concluded.

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