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Sony does not own the PlayStation 5 trademark in India

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Image Credit: Sony

Sony’s PlayStation 5 and it’s fate in India has been the talk of the town for a long time now. And it seems like Sony is in a fix concerning the trademark of the PS5 name in India. According to reports, the PS5 trademark is with currently someone in Delhi, which has already taken the trademark.

This puts a spanner in the plans for Sony India, and it could be a possible reason for the delay in announcing the India launch date. The company has been reluctant to share any news on the topic whatsoever. 

At the moment, both Aswani’s and Sony’s application for the right to use the PS5 name have been “Opposed”, suggesting the matter is currently being worked out by the Indian Government’s respective regulatory body. 

However, with a little over a month before the PS5 is set to launch, it’s quite possible that PlayStation will have to delay the release of its next-gen console in Indian markets until this conflict has been resolved, as it cannot sell a PS5 until it has attained the right to use the name commercially beforehand.

Though Sony should not have a huge problem circumventing this problem, provided it can prove good will and that the product was in existence much before the filing. The other person claiming the trademark seems to have done that for an unrelated reason.

Though this might delay the launch of PS5 in India which was already looking dicey. Sony is reluctant to share a concrete date for the launch in the country yet and has claimed that the November 19 date was shared ‘erroneously’.