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Spoilers: Boruto Next Generations Chapter 59 Release Date Revealed


If you ask every millennial, what their favourite anime is they would unanimously say Naruto. And when Naruto ended, it was an end of an era. But things always change, and fans were gratified to meet Naruto’s son Boruto.

Boruto, who is so different from his father, and wants to create his own identity. We were also introduced to all the children of the other ninjas, Sasuke’s daughter Sarada, and Orochimaru’s son Mitsuki.

Boruto, is darker in tone in comparison to Naruto. The defeats are more swifter, and the villains more decisive. Right now, the characters are all in a major flux. Our heroes Naruto and Sasuke, have lost half their powers. Kurama has sacrificed himself bringing many a reader to tears. Boruto: Next Generation Chapter 59 is a decisive one because it marks the end of the Volume 15.

Boruto Chapter 59 Raws and Spoilers

  • The chapter is called Knight.
  • Kawaki continues to be traumatised by Code. In Kawaki’s nightmare Code is trying to kill him.
  • Code is extremely jealous of Kawaki, and shows extreme violence towards him.
  • It all comes back to Isshiki, who pitted the boys against each other. Code loved Isshiki like a God, whereas Kawaki was more skeptical.
  • Code wanted to be the perfect vessel more than anything. But Kawaki took the place. All these has made Code unstable and bitter.
  • When Kawaki betrayed and killed a part of Isshiki’s soul, Code wanted him dead more than ever.
  • But because of his deal with Eida he has to spare Code’s life. But Naruto and Sasuke are in danger from the murderous Code.
  • Code seems to have formed a weird attachment with Naruto, he doesn’t want to kill him. A part of Code, admires Naruto, a part he brutally suppresses.
  • The narrative now has cyberpunk elements, a cyborg kid called Daemon is introduced. He seems to be playful and close to Code. It is revealed that he is Eida’s brother.
  • Daemon is very interesting. He can sense killing intent and if attacked, he can reflect the attack a hundredfold. An awesome and terrifying ability.

Boruto Chapter 59 Theories

Things are at an all time low for our heroes. Naruto and Sasuke are too weak to fight. Boruto seems to be in danger of being kidnapped to be fed to the Ten Tails. Amado, is coming across as a Machiavellian character, he is sowing seeds of doubt in Kawaki’s mind. He is slowly but surely turning Kawaki against the Leaf Village.

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