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Swear by THIS 5 step night time skincare regime to get the most of your beauty sleep

Swear by THIS 5 step night time skincare regime to get the most of your beauty sleep

If drinking from the Fountain of Youth is not viable then beauty sleep is the key to achieve the youthful glow on your skin. Here we bring to 5 best night skincare routines that your skin needs right now.

Swear by THIS 5 step night time skincare regime to get the most of your beauty sleep

We all love to pamper our skin while getting ready for a zoom meeting or heading to a party. It has become a need more than a want to look and feel good in a crowd, both big and small. But most often we don’t take care of the night-skin care routine seriously and blame it on the age or food if a new pimple pops up the next morning. Your morning skin is just a reflection of how well you took care of it the night before. It”s called beauty sleep for a reason. Our skin self heals through cell-regeneration and improves itself when you doze off; making a good night’s sleep very important.

Follow this 5 best night time skincare regime to help your skin sleep in peace.

Double Cleanse

Remove the dirt and sebum accumulated on your face through the day by cleansing. Going to sleep without washing your face is a cardinal skincare sin. Cleansing unclogs pores which otherwise might result in the formation of acne. Get rid of the excess make-up or oil on your face by double-cleansing. Double cleansing calls for both oil-based and water-based cleaning. You can opt for Vitamin-E enriched makeup swipes to get the makeup off faster and let your skin feel lighter and breathe fresh.


Toners hydrate your skin and as it is formulated with other beneficial ingredients, works well to keep the pH level of the skin under control. Most people don’t prefer using a toner but we recommend it; why say no to something that’s packed with antioxidants, humectants and keeps the moisture levels under control!



Eye cream

Seek help from a rich eye serum or cream to tone your under eyes. Wave a gentle goodbye to dark circles and fine lines with a night eye cream. It soothes the area around the eye contour region and keeps them soft. If you have hit the 20s it’s already time to start including anti-ageing ingredients in your skincare outline. Eyes being the one to give away the age, opt for eye creams fortified with peptides to help prevent the signs of ageing.



Lock in all the goodness that you applied so far with a hydrating moisturiser. It’s a no brainer that moisturiser nourishes and rejuvenates the skin making it feel soft and plump. Opt for a lightweight moisturiser that doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Don’t forget the neck region and also moisturise your hands and legs to keep the youthful skin alive.


Face mask

Once in a week, lean-to clay masks or any exfoliating masks to replenish the lost hydration and nourish your skin. Face masks, being the ultimate product for lazy girls, which most of us are, can be applied right before going to bed, then rinsed off the next day. Waking up like a diva is just one facemask away.

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