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T.I. Has An Important Message About Atlanta – Check Out His Post

T.I. Has An Important Message About Atlanta - Check Out His Post

T.I. felt the need to address an important subject on his social media account. Check out what he had to say about Atlanta not too long ago.

‘Excuse me Mrs @feliciamooreatl but …Our Culture Runs This Town Ma’am‼️ These studios (& the creatives that work in em)
have laid foundation & paved ways to create opportunities for this city like nothing else could. Yeah we might get loud, no we not perfect, but we’ve contributed to this city’s culture & economic growth, consistently…for decades!!! Our contributions to the communities here in this city have gone overlooked far too long. We’ve been on the front line making a difference in this city (in ways nobody else in politics would) even before Hollywood found us attractive,’ Tip began his message.

He continued and said: ‘That’s right…Before the filming industry moved to town, we’ve BEEN making an economic impact yet the film studios receive all the tax benefits, debates &considerations. And not just us rappers & artists… within the culture, there’s a host of producers, engineers, art directors, event planners, club & studio designers, radio personalities, A&Rs, DJ’s , dancers, promoters, & club owners who’ve put ALL OUR HEART & SOUL into making this city what it is TODAY‼️ Put some respect on that please & thanks. #DontPlayWitUs #ByeFelicia👋🏽RP: @isaachayes.’

Someone posted this message: ‘Says the guy who lives more than 300 feet from a “pop up” studio and can park at his home whenever he arrives. Lol. People in a residential don’t wanna hear, smell and see “all that drama” all times of day and night.’

Someone else said: ‘BUT if it’s too loud and too many cars parked outside, is it not on you to fix it?’

A follower posted this: ‘Until yall find out it was ya moms and gmas doing the complaining 🤔’ while a fan said: ‘I’m an engineer and don’t think a NEW studio should go into a residential area. I mean it’s all good until it’s next door to your house and you tryna get your baby to sleep and have a meeting in the morning and MC Such and such in the parking lot of the new studio next door turning up and trying the mix of his new song in his whip. Because we know that’s real!’

Not too long ago, Tip gushed over the people in Harles and shared a video on his social media account. You can check it out.


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