Home News Telangana laughing stock of India due to KCR at helm: Bandi Sanjay

Telangana laughing stock of India due to KCR at helm: Bandi Sanjay

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay (from right) and Union minister of state G. Kishan Reddy seen at the BJP state executive meeting in Secunderabad on Sunday, along with BJP OBC Morcha president Dr K. Laxman and party MLC N. Ramchander Rao. (DC Photo: S.Surender Reddy)

Hyderabad: Telangana state has become a laughing stock in front of the country for having of K. Chandrashekar Rao as its Chief Minister for he is the only administrator who never comes to work at the Secretariat to run the state’s administration, said BJP’s Telangana state chief Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

Speaking at the BJP executive meeting in Hyderabad on Sunday, Sanjay targeted the Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao for working in, what he alleged, was “total contrast” to the expectations and aspirations of the people of the state. He further alleged that the CM camp office had become a platform for the land, sand and brick mafia.


CM Rao has reduced Telangana, a surplus budget state at the time of its formation, to a debt-ridden unit, he said, adding that the BJP was the only party which had the wherewithal to put an electoral end to this “worst administration ever” being run by the TRS.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, instead of working hard to give strength and boost the morale of the people, the Chief Minister “slept in his farmhouse,” the BJP chief said.

The TRS’ car (its symbol) has been already punctured by the BJP in the Dubakk and the GHMC elections, so Chandrashekar Rao was protecting himself in office by keeping a ‘Razakar party’ beside him, said the BJP state chief.


Blasting the false claims of the TRS leaders that during their reign the state of Telangana added 13,500 investments, leading to creation of three lakh jobs, he said, “If there had been an iota of truth and even if a partial success was seen on ground as a reality, I would have been obsequious towards KCR and do pooja to him.”

Strongly castigating the TRS supremo for destroying caste harmony and for creating rifts between people on caste lines instead of trying to bridge the gaps, Sanjay said, “by including Muslims in backward castes, he is stealing the rightful claims of the OBC in their reservation quotas due to them.”


He said, “In the coming days, once the BJP comes to power, we will show TRS how a government must actually be run and what a Chief Minister and Cabinet who actually works can achieve.”

He was also extremely critical of the KCR government for registering “false cases” against  BJP leaders. “Such unleashing of police brutality and illegal arrests will not stop the BJP’s commitment towards the people or slow down our fight against this corrupt TRS government.”

Minister of state for home G. Kishan Reddy, who also addressed the gathering, said, “The people of Telangana are fed up with the TRS government, which has created a record as the worst administration ever.”


Asserting with certitude the likelihood of coming to power of the BJP, Kishan Reddy said, “Across the state, discussions have already started amongst common people as to not if but when the BJP government will come in the state to rescue them from the TRS.”

“Senior IAS and IPS officers are confiding in private that a change in government is definitely going to happen in the coming days. The next two years will be crucial for all of us, even as with each passing day, people are losing faith completely in the TRS government,” said Kishan Reddy.


Admonishing the state government for its indifference to propriety, he said, “After Independence, there has never been an election in which teachers served as officials during polls. But the TRS government headed by KCR conducted elections for the GHMC without teachers. The KCR government promised to give Rs 10,000 to flood victims after elections, which proved to be yet another broken promise of the TRS”

“At the call of the BJP, the people defeated KCR’s daughter Kavitha and his relative. People of Telangana are waiting for change. By having an alliance with the MIM, the TRS got some seats, else they would have not won 50 plus seats in GHMC,” Kishan Reddy said.


The Telangana BJP leaders must take inspiration from the Bengal BJP unit and fight against this government from the ground level up, he said.

“Intellectuals across the country are supporting Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Under his leadership, the BJP will continue to win more elections and get support from the people. In the upcoming MLC elections, for the BJP to win two seats is important. To achieve this goal, karyakarthas from the grass-root-level to state leadership must work tirelessly to ensure BJP’s MLC candidates Ramchander Rao and Premendhar Reddy win,” he said.


The BJP will also win the Warangal election. If we had a little more time, the BJP would have given Hyderabad a new mayor, he added.

BJP cadre urged to expose KCR failures

BJP state affairs in-charge Tarun Chugh urged the party cadre to expose the TRS government’s failures and corruption and fight against them.

Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao is ‘looting’ the state under the guise of Bangaru Telangana, and ruling party leaders were grabbing land in the name of development, Chug alleged.

Addressing the party’s state executive committee meeting here on Sunday, he said that the people had begun thinking of BJP in power and the party will need to seize the mood and consolidate its position in the State.


The BJP leader criticised the Chief Minister for failing to fill up the over two lakh government jobs.

He made it clear that they will highlight the developments achieved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Reminding that former prime minister P.V. Narasimha Rao had assured to construct Babri Masjid, he said that Modi was honouring his word about constructing Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Chugh said that the Modi government also took a daring decision on Article 370.

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