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‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’: This Has Been The End Of The Netflix Series – Crossover 99

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Goodbye Sabrina Spellman. The chilling adventures of Sabrina have already come to an end. As announced, the fourth season of supernatural fiction is the final outcome of the witch’s adventures and the last episode has been responsible for confirming it.

Watch out, SPOILERS! Don’t read on if you don’t want to know how ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ ended

The end of Sabrina’s epic journey as a witch has ended with her death. True to her principles and as we have seen her doing throughout the series, Sabrina has given everything to save her friends and family from The Void. The teenager was trapped in this new world while the previous one, where everything we know was, disappeared completely. Finally, he managed to escape and rescue his loved ones, but Sabrina died in the attempt.

And it seems that this has no going back. Although on many other occasions in the series, the characters have died and returned to the world of the living, this is not the case. Zelda ( Miranda Otto ) and Hilda ( Lucy Davis ) bury their niece – their nieces, as they say goodbye to the two versions of the witch – in the family morgue and fans must accept that the teenage witch is gone forever, within fiction and in real life.

But, before the end credits come out, we get to see her one more time. After his death, Sabrina ends up in heaven and seems at peace, but she is not alone. Behind her she hears a familiar voice, and who is it but Nicholas Scratch himself? As Nick ( Gavin Leatherwood ) tells her, he has swam through the Sea of Sorrows to be with her. Now, the two will be together for life.

This ending may have pleased some and angered others, who do not understand why the protagonist had to die. In any case, this is how the creation of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has ended after four seasons. Kiernan Shipka has been commissioned to play this new version of the teenage witch popularized by Melissa Joan Hart in the 90s, now much darker and riskier.

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