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The Google Pixel 5s, explained

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Provide: Andrew Martonik / Android Central
The 2020 Pixel epic took an mesmerizing turn earlier this week, with the emergence of an obvious “Pixel 5s” variant, an it sounds as if turbocharged version of what is going to be regarded as one of the year’s handiest Android phones. The pictures, leaked on Twitter, inform an EVT (Engineering Validation Test) Google phone resembling a Pixel 4a with twin cameras and slimmer bezels. EVT system right here is an extraordinarily early machine intended to iron out bugs within the Pixel’s hardware earlier than shifting onto the later phases of construction. A sticker on the abet of the machine aspects to a producing date of April 8. We can moreover inform or no longer it is an older unit on epic of or no longer it is working a pre-beta version of Android 11, which within the photos is smooth calling itself “Android R.”
Now we possess considered this more or less pre-production Pixel leaked earlier than, with the Google “G” impress on the abet zigzag into something from an alien alphabet, and other identifying marks to thwart leakers.
Provide: @japonton
The used knowledge when this “Pixel 5s” first leaked used to be that it will be a increased-conclude version of the Pixel 5, presumably with millimeter-wave 5G tech built-in. But the truth that right here is an used unit, clearly working used firmware, gives us clues as to its lawful origins.
One more clue came to Android Central only within the near past, as news of the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G’s arrival broke. Our sources published that, if truth be told, the names of Google’s 2020 Pixels had changed during 2020, as the firm grappled with delays to the Pixel 4a’s rollout triggered by COVID-19.

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Google’s tumble 2020 phones started out as Pixel 5 and Pixel 5s.

The distinctive conception, we’re reliably educated, used to be for the Pixel 4a 5G (codenamed Bramble) to intention as the Pixel 5, whereas the 2nd, more top rate Pixel (codenamed Redfin) would raise one more title to signify its increased net page. According to the timeframe for Redfin coming into the EVT stage, and the truth that this machine is working used firmware, I am barely assured we now possess solved the riddle of the Pixel 5s. At some level the conception used to be for Redfin to ship as Pixel 5s — a smaller and more top rate version of the homely mannequin Pixel 5 (Bramble, the phone we now know as Pixel 4a 5G).
We’re educated the names for Bramble and Redfin changed more than one times throughout the phones’ construction. Certainly, XDA’s Mishaal Rahman learned proof that Bramble at one level used to be known as Pixel 4a XL.
So the timelines for every devices could’ve looked something worship this:
Bramble: Pixel 5 -> Pixel 4a XL -> Pixel 4a 5G
Redfin: Pixel 5s -> Pixel 5
The distinctive naming convention — Pixel 5 and Pixel 5s — makes more sense within the alternate-universe fair appropriate timeline of 2020, where there is no longer any COVID and the Pixel 4a launched on-time at a jam-packed Google I/O. The 4a could revel in a stable four months of sales earlier than the top rate Pixels arrived. But in our recent, unhealthy 2020 timeline, Pixel 4a phones are fair appropriate now making their system out to customers, handiest three weeks earlier than the expected arrival of the two unique objects.
Provide: Android Central

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It is miles a original year for Pixels most steadily, as Google hits the reset switch.

Google, understandably, could possess felt that launching two phones with “5” of their title so soon after the Pixel 4a would make the latter seem unnecessarily dated.
What’s more, or no longer it is fair appropriate a original year for Pixel hardware most steadily, as Google hits the reset activate the dilapidated “little” plus “XL” dynamic extinct in every previous Pixel liberate cycle, and eschews a Snapdragon 800-series chip in its increased-conclude objects. Bramble and Redfin defy Google’s regular Pixel naming conventions.

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Though all three 2020 Pixels share relish similarities, the internal hardware of Bramble and Redfin are cease ample to most steadily make them two variants of the identical phone — we’re waiting for every to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G chipset, for occasion.
But with its plastic physique, 60Hz refresh rate and greater show borders, Bramble moreover has somewhat loads in classic with the Pixel 4a. The naming used to be constantly going to be awkward, with Bramble straddling every Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 territory. Hence the marginally clumsy compromise title we in a roundabout device ended up with: Pixel 4a 5G. (And as such, the Pixel 5s reverts abet to fair appropriate undeniable used Pixel 5.)
As for the Pixel 5s title, this week’s leak shows us that Google used to be, unless rec
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