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The Morning After: 2021’s other next-gen console launches

The Morning After: 2021's other next-gen console launches

Welcome to 2021! So many things are different this year, but one thing is the same — a new year means it’s almost time for CES. While this year’s event is happening entirely online, we’re still planning on covering all of the news from start to finish.

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While we get ready for the show, there’s still a few interesting stories to pore over, and for those kicking things off with a resolution, Valentina Palladino has suggestions on tech that can help keep you on track for the next twelve months.

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Next-gen isn’t gaming only about ray tracing and SSDs.


A bunch of weird and hopefully wonderful consoles are scheduled to come out next year. They won’t have the power to match the PS5 or Xbox Series X. None of them will have new launch titles from major publishers like Ubisoft, Capcom and EA, either.

Instead, they’ll be appealing to people who love retro classics and indie gems as much as the latest blockbuster. The sort that loves sifting through Itch.io and CRT TV listings on eBay. If you fall into that camp, read on for our shortlist of ‘alternative consoles’ due in 2021.
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Answering your questions on the PS5, foldable PCs and more!

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For the last episode of 2020, Cherlynn and Devindra answer a slew of listener questions, covering everything from when to buy a PlayStation 5 to the future of folding PCs. We also look back at the best moments of covering tech throughout the year (which mostly involve this podcast). And of course, we can’t help but dream about what we’d like to see in 2021, when society (hopefully) shifts back into gear.

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Happy New Year.


New York’s MTA has finished rolling out contactless payments across all the subway stations and bus lines in all five boroughs. The OMNY (One Metro New York) system allows riders to tap-and-pay for fares with smartphones, smartwatches and contactless credit and debit cards. For now, riders still have the option of using their MetroCards, but that won’t always be the case. MTA plans to completely replace MetroCards with OMNY in 2023.
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