The Powerpuff Girls live-action series gets Donald Faison as Professor Drake

The Powerpuff Girls live-action series gets Donald Faison as Professor Drake

Almost all of us born in the 90s have grown up watching The Powerpuff Girls, a popular superhero animated series about three girls who have individual powers and they use it to save the world. 

Well, the animated series is now getting a new lease of life as it’s being adapted into a live-action series by the CW. 

Earlier, actors who will play the powerpuff girls were revealed and now another major character has been revealed. According to Variety, Donald Faison has been cast for the pilot as Professor Drake Utonium. The character is described as quirky, debonair, and a pinch narcissistic. He is a scientific genius who is immensely proud of the three extraordinary girls he created in his lab. Staring down a midlife crisis, Professor Utonium is determined to repair his relationships with his now-adult daughters.

The series is now simply titled Powerpuff. Based on the Cartoon Network series created by Craig McCracken, the new show sees the little superheroes as disillusioned twenty-somethings who resent having lost their childhood to crime-fighting. The three girls are Chloe Bennet as Blossom, Dove Cameron as Bubbles, and Yana Perrault as Buttercup.

The Powerpuff Girls pilot will be directed by Maggie Kiley and is written by Diablo Cody and Heather Regnier. It is bankrolled by Berlanti Productions and Vita Vera Films in association with Warner Bros. Television. 

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